Ready to get started on your Gisteo project? Let's do this.

OK…it’s the moment of truth. You’ve reviewed our work in the Portfolio section. Check. You’ve seen our transparent pricing structure and read through the FAQ’s.  Done. You love what you see on the site and want to get rolling on your video production project right away. Boom! 

Our process begins with our Pre-Production Questionnaire below. If you want to discuss things on a call first before completing the questionnaire, not a problem. Just contact us with your availability and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to chat.

Here's what you need to do

Step 1

Download our “Pre-Production Questionnaire” (Word document) by clicking on the button below. This document is a fundamental part of our process. We’re going to dig deep into your business, target, unique challenges etc. and this questionnaire helps give us a strong foundation to address your needs.

Step 2

After completing the questionnaire, send it back to us at We’ll review and reach out to you to set up a call within 24 hours. We’ll also prepare a proposal so we can get going on your project asap.

Download Questionnaire Now

How the process works

Like everything we do here at Gisteo, our process is simple & straightforward.  Here are the steps we normally follow, from concept to final delivery.

We start by rolling up our sleeves and doing our homework. We kick things off by studying your pre-production questionnaire to better understand your value proposition and overall goals for your video.
Next, we proceed to write the script, which serves as the blueprint for the entire gisteo. We send you the draft for comments, make revisions if necessary until the script is approved.
We then turn your script into full color, frame by frame visuals so you can get a feel for your final video and send feedback. If it’s a cartoon-style gisteo, we’ll also design the character(s) and submit to you for approval in this stage.
We tap into our team of voice artists to record part or all of your script.  You choose from this selection of hand-picked custom auditions.
This is the last step of the video production process. Our animators combine all the elements and bring everything to life to create your custom video.
After completing any final revisions, it’s a wrap. We send you the video file to download (normally in .mp4) and share with the world!