Ads are quite important for websites nowadays, especially because that is how a lot of websites get their revenue. The better and more appealing the ads are, the higher the conversation rates tend to be.

And one good example of a type of ad that you can use for a website is an animated ad. But what is an animated ad and how do we create one?

What is an animated ad?

If you are running your own website or if you want to post your product’s ads on certain websites, you should know the importance of the type of ad you are using because of how it can easily make or break the web traffic on the website. The better your ad is, the more likely you will be able to get a return on investment on the ad.

Also, you have to understand that ads play a crucial role for websites that want to earn revenue. Ads are quite important when it comes to web traffic and SEO in general because of how they can easily drop the web traffic whenever there are too many ads or if the ads are of poor quality. Hence, you might need to make use of a good type of ad such as an animated ad. But what is an animated? 

Animated ads are basically explainer videos that communicate the gist of the product that is being sold in an animated video format instead of using photos, images, or words as ads. And most animated ads are short and efficient so that they will be able to deliver the gist or the quick summary of what the company or product is all about without actually taking much time from the person visiting the website. This can change the ad landscape in general because of how animated ads have the potential to make websites less annoying. 

Moreover, animated ads are great because of how they are much more interactive and are quite friendly to any kind of viewer visiting a website. They are friendlier to the eyes and are able to engage the visitor by making use of his or her visual and auditory senses. That is why 85% of marketers say that videos are great at capturing the attention of people visiting a website as most users spend 88% more time on websites with video ads instead of image ads. It goes without saying that revenue will be higher if people tend to be more engaged on websites that have animated ads.

Also, you have to understand that animated ads are easier to create than live-action ads on top of the fact that they are more engaging.  Because the producers of animated ads do not make use of real actors (who can be quite expensive) and are not going to spend time looking for locations for filming while setting up the entire production staff and the equipment, they are faster and easier to produce. Hence, animated ads tend to be more affordable.

How to make an animated ad in 5 simple steps

So, if you are interested in making an animated ad, here are 5 simple steps when you are using Gisteo’s animated ad creation service:

  1. Download the questionnaire on their site and make sure to fill it out so that you will be able to give the team at Gisteo a brief idea of what you want to happen in the video that you’re looking to produce. The Gisteo team will study the questionnaire carefully and do their research as well so that they will get to understand what you truly want in your animated ad.
  2. From the questionnaire and the research, a script for your animated ad will be created to serve as the backbone of the entire animated ad. This is what everything in the animated ad will be based on. In that sense, the script is very important and would require your feedback and comments first before Gisteo starts producing the animated ad.
  3. After the script has your stamp of approval, the next thing that will be produced is the storyboard. The storyboard is a full-color, frame-by-frame visual representation of what the script is all about. Your comments and feedback should also play a role in the production of the storyboard so that the ultimate final product will be to your liking. The storyboard can include characters or inanimate objects depending on your style preferences
  4. The next is the voice-over as Gisteo will tap their voice-over team to read the script and to match what is happening in the script and the storyboard so that everything will be in sync. You will be given the chance to choose your own voice artist so that you will be able to find the right voice that will fit what your company is all about and what you want your product to convey from the animated ad.
  5. Finally, the animation process. Gisteo’s animators will combine both the storyboard and the voice-over together with all of the other necessary elements to produce an animated ad that is custom-made to your preferences and to what you want users to see when they visit websites featuring your ad. 

Final thoughts

After the animation process has been completed, your animated ad will be sent to you in .mp4 format so that you can easily use it and share it with the entire world on different websites as ads or by making use of it in your company’s or product’s social media page.

It really is that simple as it won’t take a lot of time and effort from you because all you need to do is to fill out the questionnaire while providing feedback and comments along the way as the entire animation team at Gisteo does the job for you.

Hrvoje at Text Paradise

Hrvoje at Text Paradise

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