Video as-a-service Retainer

Gisteo MAX is our unlimited marketing video retainer plan for ambitious organizations looking to produce a marketing video series or ongoing video content over a quarterly, six month or yearly period. Includes other amazing perks available exclusively under this plan.

Max Value. Max Benefits. Any Use Case.

Imagine a fully-equipped video studio at your beck and call, ready to craft unlimited custom masterpieces with unbeatable pricing and a host of exclusive “member’s only” benefits. That’s the essence of our exclusive video retainer program. Gisteo MAX: Your video potential, amplified.

Who Is This For?

Gisteo MAX is designed for ambitious marketing teams who understand that creating engaging videos and creative content isn’t a one-and-done deal, but an ongoing process.

If you’re all about growth, hunting for better ways to get your message out there, you’ll find real value in one of our plans. So if you’re ready to put your marketing into high gear, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Why It’s Freaking Awesome

With Gisteo MAX, your creative vision has no limits. For less than the cost of making a single video with some of our competitors, you can easily make 10-15+ videos in a year with the Gisteo MAX plan.

Dive into a world where your brand’s potential is unleashed and every idea is transformed into compelling content. It’s more than just a retainer program – it’s your personal launchpad for unprecedented video success.

The Process

Start your Gisteo MAX journey by selecting a plan that suits your needs. Choose from our flexible payment options – a flat monthly fee of $3,000 for our Quarterly Retainer, $2,500 per month for our 6 Month Retainer, or save more with our discounted Yearly Retainer for $2,000. Note that Gisteo MAX requires a minimum commitment of 3 months.

We follow a systematic approach to deliver quality videos, focusing on one project at a time. Our process is consistent with any Gisteo project, starting with discovery to understand your needs, followed by script development, then storyboarding, voice over recording, and finally, the animation. Once we finish production on a project, we start the next one.  Rinse, wash, repeat!

Turnaround Times

With Gisteo MAX, our familiarity with your brand streamlines the video creation process. As we understand your unique narrative, we speed up production, allowing for quicker turnaround times. This continual partnership not only yields videos faster but also tailors our creativity to your brand’s specifics. It’s about growing together while perfecting your message through our craft.

As such, typical turnaround times are quicker for MAX members vs. those of our standalone projects. Combined with priority service, you can expect around 4 weeks for a 60-90 second project.  For smaller video projects such as social media animations, video testimonials, etc, turnaround times are shorter (1-2 weeks).


A Gisteo MAX plan covers any of our main styles that you can review on our Portfolio page, along with our KISS social media videos (more info here).  To sweeten the offer, we also include animated gifs for websites or social media posts and animated infographics like the “Top 20 uses for our marketing video productions” example at the top of this page.

Styles not included: custom 3D videos or live-action productions (with sets, actors etc.). Animated ads for broadcast TV are included but an additional fee may be applicable for voice over buy-out/broadcast license (yes, perhaps surprisingly, voice over artists still charge more for broadcast television).


Gisteo MAX is geared towards marketers primarily working on explainer videos, promo videos, sales videos, training videos, social media videos, etc. with a maximum length of two minutes. Given the trend of waning attention spans, shorter videos not only resonate more but also allow you to make the most of our retainer.

If you have numerous long-form videos planned for the year, a standard Gisteo MAX  plan might not be ideal. For such instances, contact us and we can discuss creating a custom retainer package for you. If you have an outlier project during your contract period that exceeds two minutes, we will issue a separate $750 per each additional 30-second increment beyond the two-minute mark.

The Proverbial Two-Way Street

As previously mentioned, we concentrate on one project at a time to ensure maximum efficiency. The speed of production can be influenced by various factors, including your prompt responses, the number of revisions required, and the clarity of your video vision. The smoother and more organized we keep the process, the more videos we can create for you!

Lower per-video cost

If you do a volume of work, you will realize significant savings vs. our per-project rates for video production in this model. Plus, unlike our standalone projects, where there’s a base rate + incremental fee based on the running time, Gisteo MAX offers a straightforward monthly price for everything. This covers any production, whether it’s a quick 15 or 30-second clip or a full-fledged 2-minute video.

Streamlined, hassle-free billing

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork, endless proposals and multiple invoices.  As a monthly marketing video retainer service, all video productions fall under one easy payment plan. No individual bills for separate projects, no back-and-forth over contracts. It’s a seamless, hassle-free experience, leaving you free to focus on what matters – creating captivating content.

Ongoing content & proactive ideas

With Gisteo MAX, you get regular high-quality videos to fuel your marketing needs and proactive brainstorming from us for fresh content ideas. We’re not just making videos, we’re ideating and innovating alongside you to maximize your brand’s potential.

Built-in flexibility

Move beyond the usual challenge of one-off productions. From creating cut-down versions of your videos, repurposing existing content, to delivering condensed versions for ads, we cover it all. Forget about constant price quotes for small changes; it’s all included in our service. With Gisteo MAX, flexibility comes standard.

Consistent branding

Ensuring your brand’s consistency is paramount. As we familiarize ourselves with your organization, we’re able to consistently produce content that strengthens and reflects your brand’s unique voice and identity so it stays brand stays consistent, coherent, and recognizable.

Gisteo MAX pricing

Sign-up for a plan now to lock in the price for up to a year. Rates subject to change based on demand, bandwidth and our team’s excess coffee costs brought on by these unbeatable packages!

Quarterly Retainer

$ 3,000

Billed automatically each month

The three-month thrive plan. Fast-track your brand’s growth in a quarter.

  • Requires a 3-month contract
  • Rollover: nearly-completed projects wrapped up the following month after contract period ends– at no additional fee
  • Exclusive Gisteo MAX perks:
    • Priority, front-of-the-line service
    • Free maintenance plan for minor updates
    • Free cut-down versions of each video, as required (minimal voice over changes)
    • Free art file exports from any video
    • Free delivery of project/source files for any project
    • Free 60 minute monthly brainstorming and creative content planning meetings

6-Month Retainer

$ 2,500

Billed automatically each month

The six-month surge plan. Amplify your impact with a half-year blitz of compelling video content.

  • A 6-month contract with serious savings
  • Rollover: nearly-completed projects wrapped up the following month after contract period ends– at no additional fee
  • Exclusive Gisteo MAX perks:
    • Priority, front-of-the-line service
    • Free maintenance plan for minor updates
    • Free cut-down versions of each video, as required (minimal voice over changes)
    • Free art file exports from any video
    • Free delivery of project/source files for any project
    • Free 60 minute monthly brainstorming and creative content planning meetings

Yearly RetainerBest Deal

$ 2,000

Billed automatically each month

The annual advantage plan for maximum output, maximum savings over an entire year.

  • A 12-month contract with access to our best monthly rates
  • MAX program starts immediately after signing up and paying for the first month.
  • Rollover: nearly-completed projects wrapped up the following month after contract period ends– at no additional fee
  • Exclusive Gisteo MAX perks:
    • Priority, front-of-the-line service
    • Free maintenance plan for minor updates
    • Free cut-down versions of each video, as required (minimal voice over changes)
    • Free art file exports from any video
    • Free delivery of project/source files for any project
    • Free 60 minute monthly brainstorming and creative content planning meetings

Is Gisteo MAX right for you?

Here are some guidelines to figure out if Gisteo MAX is the best choice for you and your team or if you would be better off hiring us on a per-project basis

Who should use Gisteo MAX

  • You want to produce multiple videos in the coming month or year. 
  • You’d love explore different video use cases and new opportunities.
  • You typically provide prompt feedback to keep projects moving along.
  • You embrace the idea of an unlimited plan and the value it offers.
  • You’re enticed by access to a host of exclusive perks and benefits.
  • You would love to have an ongoing marketing video partner.

Who should not use Gisteo MAX

  • You just have a single video scoped out for the foreseeable future.
  • You’re sure that you just need a one-off production for a single purpose. 
  • You’re a procrastinator or your team has tons of “cooks in the kitchen.”  
  • You prefer to pay as you go at a higher rate.
  • You don’t need that stuff or can’t take advantage of it.
  • You prefer wham bam thank you ma’am!

Gisteo MAX- FAQ

Is this a subscription plan?

Yes, that’s essentially how the retainer works. You commit to a quarter, six-month or yearly contract and you are billed automatically each month. At the end of your commitment period, you can decide whether to renew or not (we know you will!).

Can I cancel my Gisteo MAX membership?

Once we commence work on our first project, the fee for your Gisteo MAX program cannot be refunded during your commitment period.

Keep in mind that Gisteo MAX is a highly affordable plan designed for organizations that want to maximize their yearly video marketing budget while gaining access to great additional benefits. We’re making a serious commitment to you and we expect a serious commitment in return.

If you’re looking to create a single video, our per-project offering may be a better option for you or can you start with a quarterly retainer to evaluate.

I love the fact that you offer unlimited revisions within each stage as well as your free 10 second "buffer" rule. Does these apply under Gisteo MAX also?

Of course! Our service includes all the normal perks that apply to our standalone projects plus a number of great members-only benefits on top of that, including: priority service, free maintenance, one free cut-down version of each video (15, 30 or 60 seconds), free art file exports, project/source file and a free 60 minute brand consultation (quarterly).

Can you work on more than one project at a time?

No, the normal approach under this retainer agreement is to work on one project at a time for you under the Gisteo MAX unlimited program.  Otherwise, the scope of the work could get out of control and be difficult to manage at such an affordable price. Once we finish that project, we’ll be ready to kick off the next one.  If you have an urgent need for a launch or event, we can discuss and potentially have some overlap with productions on a case-by-case basis.

With priority service for every project, we guarantee that we’ll move as quickly as possible to finish your project without delay but, as always, this a “two-way street.”  Your prompt feedback during each stage of the process will help ensure that we finish faster.

As a general rule, you can expect around 4-5 weeks turnaround time for a 90 second video and up to six weeks for a two minute-ish video. If you have a script already, this will reduce the turnaround times by 1-2 weeks. Shorter projects like social media videos, customer testimonials and animated gifs can normally be completed in 2 weeks or less.

How do I know you won't "slow roll" me and drag things out?

We aim to be your long-term video production partner.  Our incentive is to keep you happy and part of our retainer program. Dragging our feet would be counter-productive to the future of our relationship with you, not to mention our reputation. We’ve been doing this since 2011 with hundreds of repeat customers so B.S. like that isn’t part of our long-term vision or business model 🙂

In addition, you get priority service with shorter turnaround times vs. our normal standalone projects so speed and efficiency come standard with Gisteo MAX!

We are a holding company with multiple brands. Does the MAX retainer cover all our brands or just a single one?

We like to keep things simple and easy so, yes, you can use your Gisteo MAX retainer for any brands that fall under your parent company.  We’ll need you to specify which brands/companies you would like covered under the plan on our initial discovery call.

This all sounds great. How do I sign up?

Please schedule a kick-off meeting at the bottom of this page to go over your needs. We’ll then prepare a contract for you to sign and get started. For monthly invoicing, you’ll have a choice between the Quarterly Retainer (three monthly payments),  6 Month Retainer (six monthly payments) or the Yearly Retainer (twelve monthly payments).

Once I sign up, how does the process work?

The process is the same for all our video projects. We start with our pre-production questionnaire to better understand your needs.  Download a copy in Word or click here to complete a copy in Google Docs and share it with

This is especially important on the first project or two until you get to know how everything works. You’ll see that, once you get the hang of how we work, each subsequent project will get easier and more efficient. Oftentimes, we get into a groove with experienced clients who already have briefing materials ready to go for the next video.

As mentioned previously, we normally start with a kick-off meeting to discuss your goals, how everything works and get to know each other better. Please schedule a Gisteo Max kick-off meeting using the calendar below.

What if I already have my own script?

Perfect!  That means that your video can be completed faster than our normal estimated timeframes and you can move on to your next video sooner, which ultimately lowers the per video the cost for you and enables us to produce more work during your contract period.

What if we're still working on a project when the contract period ends?

Our goal is always going to be that you renew, but stuff happens.  We get it so we have a rollover plan for nearly completed in-progress work.  We guarantee that we’ll finish any pending projects that are at least in the storyboard stage after your contract period ends, at no additional charge.

That means we’ll complete the unfinished project (again, the project needs to be further along in the process- i.e can’t be still in initial script development) the following month and you will not be billed for that month.

Can I resell your videos under my brand?

Yes, we do white label work with some agencies, meaning that we can handle the entire production process and you simply resell the content we produce under your brand at whatever markup you’d like.

Examples of work covered under the Gisteo MAX plan

In terms of video styles, anything that you can see on our Portfolio page are covered under the Gisteo MAX retainer program. In addition, shorter social media videos, customer testimonials, web animations and animated gifs are included in the plan. Not included are live-action productions (video filmed with actors, shooting locations, etc.) or full 3D video productions.

2D Animation

A versatile animation style to bring any story to life!

Motion Graphics

Graphic design meets video

Kinetic Typography

A marriage of imagery + animated text

Hand’s On

Whiteboard videos to inform and educate

Mixed Media

A combination of real footage + animated graphics

Animated Presenter

An animated spokesperson/mascot for your brand

Social Media

“Snackable” social content pieces

Customer Testimonials

Bringing the voice of your customer to life

Animated Gifs

Custom-crafted animated images 

Priority service

We’ll always have your projects at the front of the line and move as quickly as possible so we can get on with your next project!

Free maintenance plan

Sometimes you need to swap out a screenshot, logo or word or two in video. We do these minor updates free of charge during your membership period.

Free 15, 30 or 60 second cut-down versions of your video

Need a shorter cut of your video to use on social media or elsewhere? As long as the cut-down version is based on the original video with minimal customization required, MAX members receive their choice shortened versions quickly and for free. If you need more extensive edits to an existing video, you’re still covered but it will be treated like new project and will require some time to produce.

Free artwork exports

Need a few images from the video to use on a website, brochure, graphic design project, social media etc.? No problem– we’ll export the requested art files in vector format for you to use however you’d like.

Free access to source files

If you need the actual project files for your archives, this is included free of charge, for Gisteo MAX members only.

Free monthly brand consultations & brainstorming sessions

Gisteo Founder & Creative Director, Stephen Conley, will be available for a free 60-minute session each month. In our meeting, we can review your existing video strategy/assets and brainstarm video content ideas for the coming months. We can also review your website copy, value proposition, brand positioning and more. Besides behind the man behind everything you see at Gisteo, Stephen is an ad agency veteran with strategic and creative marketing experience that goes far beyond video production.