Promo Videos Designed To Cut Through The Clutter & Convert More Customers

Promo videos can be one of your most important marketing assets. Quality animated promotional videos like those that we create at Gisteo make your website more engaging, help you get found by potential customers and can significantly boost conversions. In fact, 70% of professional marketers assert that video is the most powerful conversion medium. Gisteo’s own animated promo video has been an important part of our company’s success since launching in 2011. Go ahead and watch Gisteo’s 97 second promo video now and we’ll continue when you finish:


The Anatomy Of An Effective Animated Promo Video

OK, did you enjoy our promo video? We hope so! Now, let’s take a closer look at what you just saw above. Over the years, we’ve had countless clients ask us to make an animated promo video very similar to our own, which is quite a compliment. The Gisteo Guy has garnered his fair share of fans out there and it certainly isn’t because of his handsome mug or stylish threads!

So what is it about the Gisteo promo video that makes it so effective?

Well, first of all, we like to think that it’s clever and entertaining. Our quirky little Gisteo Guy makes people laugh which goes a long way to engaging your target audience. More importantly, however, it’s attention-grabbing and hyper-focused on selling our company’s services- from start to finish.

Here’s a brief review of some techniques used in the Gisteo promo video that we feel help it stand out from the pack and that you and your company could incorporate to do the same:

  • Making a personal connection at the beginning: from the moment our little dude knocks on the screen and introduces himself, people listen and want to learn more.  He speaks to the audience and it feels like he’s having a one-on-one conversation with us. The takeaway: promo videos that make a personal connection upfront soften the audience and open them up to your messaging. 
  • Piquing curiosity: the Gisteo Guy asks us a simple, straightforward question towards the beginning of the video: “What is Gisteo?”  He plants the seed for us to want to know more and then obviously proceeds to answer his own rhetorical question. The takeaway: animated promotional videos that arouse curiosity, especially early on in the video, entice viewers to continue watching. 
  • Using the “inverted pyramid” approach common in journalism: by asking the above-mentioned question, the Gisteo Guy also is setting up the video to follow a schematic frequently used by news outlets. He answers the question by telling us the main information that we need to know in the first 15 seconds of the video. Just as with a news article, people may not always make it to the end of the video, so the Gisteo Guy leads with the most vital information up front which, in this case, is telling the viewer exactly what our company does. The takeaway: promo videos that wait too long to introduce the offering risk losing viewers before they can even understand what you do. 
  • Continual movement and variety:  the Gisteo Guy moves around like a cat on a hot tin roof and the background constantly changes throughout the video. Graphics appear and disappear, new elements are frequently introduced and there’s plenty of action at all times. Would it be nearly as effective if the Gisteo Guy was just standing around in one place speaking?  Not a chance. The takeaway: static, lifeless animated promotional videos are far more likely to bore viewers and fail miserably. 
  • Being bold and overcoming objections: the Gisteo Guy asks the audience if our videos are effective and then boldly follows up with “You bet you’re a**!”   We make a strong statement with this bleeped out swear word, which not only surprises the viewer but also helps us overcome a possible objection that our audience may have (i.e. “do these animated promo videos actually work?”).  The Gisteo Guy follows this up and reinforces his point by reminding us that we’re still watching a video starring a cartoon guy “with the fashion sense of Forest Gump.”  Later on in the video, he again addresses a possible (different) objection by stating that we do a lot more than just cartoon-style animated videos for the “cartoon-phobic” people out there. The takeaway: get some cojones and embrace who you are with confidence and creativity when making animated promotional videos. Anticipate possible objections and don’t be afraid to address them head-on. 
  • Framing the “enemy:”  the Gisteo Guy pits the benefits of animation as well as our affordable pricing vs. expensive live-action videos and pricey big agencies in a funny way. The takeaway: just like in movies, industries often have a villain. Promo videos can leverage this and call out the “enemy” without even needing to mention any names. 
  • Clearly stating “what’s it in for them:”  the Gisteo Guy says that our videos will help you “cut through the clutter and make it rain.” What marketer wouldn’t want to do this? The takeaway: animated promotional videos should always include the end benefits that the target will experience. Be careful with focusing too much on just a laundry lists of features and granular product details. Focus on WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”).  
  • Closing with a bang: in the case of our animated promotional video, we quite literally end with a bang. Fireworks begin to go off as the Gisteo Guy is taking a selfie and presenting the call to action.  The takeaway: promo videos should always end with a strong call-to-action (fireworks optional :))

Looking To Create A Promo Video For Your Organization?

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