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The Slogan Shop (our sister company) offers affordable branding services for companies of all types and sizes

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Company slogans/taglines, logos and more

Need a catchy slogan/tagline or logo design for your business, product or service?


Enter The Slogan Shop.

As Gisteo’s sister company, The Slogan Shop is a branding boutique a specialized in company slogan/tagline creation, naming and logo design services.

The Slogan Shop actually pre-dates Gisteo by two years. Since 2009, we’ve created, reinvented or enhanced brands for hundreds of organizations across the world, all at an affordable price.

If you like Gisteo’s approach to doing business, you’ll likewise love how we do things at The Slogan Shop. There’s no bureaucracy, bloated pricing or BS- just powerful ideas to help your business, product or service cut through the clutter.

Plus, both taglines and logos tie in extremely well with the work we do at Gisteo.  A slogan/tagline, after all, is essentially the “gist” of what your brand stands for.  Since we’re already working closely with you to communicate your value proposition within the explainer video, our slogan creation service dovetails perfectly with the overall project.

Similarly, it’s important that your animated explainer video is a reflection of your brand so, if The Slogan Shop is designing your logo, you’ll be guaranteed that the brand identity we have created is seamlessly integrated into the video production process.

The Slogan Shop’s Core Services

The first and best advertisement you’ll ever create for your brand is its name, logo and slogan.  When done properly, these elements create a synergistic effect and are a reflection of the DNA or essence of your organization. They become your identity, your heart and soul and the voice of your brand.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these key components:


In a world of information overload, you need a slogan (aka tagline, catchphrase, motto…) that tells people what you stands for. A tagline may only be a couple of words or a short sentence but, done right, it can speak volumes about your brand and form a priceless part of your identity.  As our name indicates, one of our specialties here at The Slogan Shop is indeed the slogan.


Logos communicate both visually (through appearance) and emotionally (through symbolism). A professional logo serves as the “face” of your brand and can be a powerful differentiator. We have extensive experience developing logos for companies of all sizes and types as well as for life coaches, consultants, politicians, law firms and more.


Naming is critical for any product or organization. The right name can be a powerful tool for your business, while the wrong one can be disastrous. Our team will help you create company of business name to ensure that this vital element of you brand is catchy, representative of your offering and relevant to your target audience. If you need a compelling name, including securing an available url, The Slogan Shop is the perfect choice.

The Slogan Shop can help you with any one of these above elements or all three of them.  We offer combined discount packages for two or more of these services. In addition, we offer copywriting and content creation services on an ad hoc basis, depending on availability and scope.

Ready to get started?  Head on over to The Slogan Shop now for more information on how it works, pricing and to check out a sampling of our diverse work.