Animated promotional for plumbing and HVAC companies?

When people think about animated promotional videos or animated explainer videos these days, they often first think and foremost about tech companies.

At Gisteo, we do indeed produce a good percentage of our work for companies looking to promote an app, software or platform with video. By doing a simple web search, one can also find a great number of these types of explainer videos on company websites, Youtube, social media etc. and that makes sense; animated explainer videos can be an excellent way to clearly and concisely communicate your value proposition while showcasing some of the main features of a product or service.

But as we’ve discussed in articles such as this one or this one, there are infinite benefits and applications for animated videos for business– even for offline or more traditional businesses.

A good example of this is some of the animated promotional video work we have done in the plumbing, heating and HVAC space. These types of businesses are as “brick and mortar”-focused as they come, yet they too can benefit greatly from using online marketing videos.

We created this fun one for a California-based plumbing, heating and HVAC company looking to recruit talented employees for their company:

We turned the owners into talking caricatures/characters and they provided their own voice overs. Talented guys!

And this entertaining example was created for a Canadian-based company specialized in cleaning ducts, furnaces and carpets:

Based on the company’s name (Mighty Clean) we created a superhero we called “Mighty Man” to pitch the companies various services. We strike a balance between humor and information to deliver the company’s message here.

So, you see, animated promotional videos can work across an incredible range of sectors. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, regardless of your industry!