8 Undeniable Video Advertising Trends for 2024

Marie Barnes
Marie Barnes
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Video marketing is on the rise opening up new opportunities for businesses to reach out to their target audiences. What’s more, it allows for creating dozens if not thousands of creative strategies to achieve your marketing goals, increase your brand awareness, build loyalty, and boost sales. In this article, we have researched video advertising trends that will dominate in 2024, and corresponding conversion-promising video types you may use for your business promotion.

1.   User-Generated Video Content

Being one of the strongest social proofs, user-generated content becomes even more promising and engaging when it takes the form of a video. The popularity of UGC is directly related to the popularity of social media, which makes this one of the most important video advertising trends right now.  Modern users love to create videos starring themselves and they will be happy to share positive impressions by mentioning and organically promoting your brand.

What’s more, there is no need for video project budgeting when you bet on user-generated video content but missing such a free opportunity for your business promotion will be quite a mistake. Therefore, encourage your users to create videos, use branded hashtags, and mention your social profiles. For example, you may create a special contest for those who created custom videos with your brand mention and give away a prize for the random winner.

You may also use user-generated videos as a part of your product promotion, and collect their video feedbacks shared in Instagram Stories. Here is an example of a stunning video compilation from GoPro camera users.

2.   Short-Form Videos

The short videos owe their appearance to TikTok. Well, and the user’s unwillingness to watch the video for too long, as well as read long-form articles without any break. That’s why short videos are also great tools for advertising in guest posts but what does this trend mean for video marketing?

First, it’s time to use new platforms to reach your target audience. Secondly, it is necessary to learn how to send short but capacious marketing messages. Thirdly, it is necessary to combine these two tasks into one, which is what the retail giant Walmart did.

In its TikTok Black Friday campaign, the company has combined short tik-toks, user-generated content, and influencer marketing. They encouraged users make purchase on discounts, express their emotions with the help of dance, use branded hashtag #DealDropDance and share these videos. To reach out to the wide target audience possible, they collaborated with seven TikTok influencers.

3.   Online Training and Educational Videos

While the almost whole world is stuck at home, the popularity of online training and educational videos is grown. Since online education is the safest way to find out and learn something new to date, more and more users turn their attention to online tutorials, how-tos, masterclasses, webinars, and conferences to get a deeper understanding of their specialization, master new skills, and spend time with benefit.

When such content is created by brands, it delivers ultimate value.

Firstly, such videos are an opportunity to share expert knowledge and state that you are well versed in what you are talking about. Secondly, this is a chance to build strong connections and be helpful for your audience. And thirdly, educational videos are great at selling your products or extra services that will be even more beneficial to your views in the context of the knowledge they got from you.

Here is a good educational video example. This tutorial created by Lenovo educates users on how to create a custom T-shirt design.

4.   Shoppable Videos

The rise of ecommerce, mobile device usage and video consumption lead to the emergence of a new trend  – shoppable videos. This is a sub kind of product video, however, it is much more interactive and conversion-boosting since it provides the opportunity to instantly shop the item shown in the video.

Such a video type works best for retailers, and that’s why a lot of leading retail brands have already placed high bets in this marketing approach. IKEA, whose shoppable video is shared below, is one of them.

5.   Silent Videos

Autoplay video has long been a bad practice in digital marketing. Moreover, since users are increasingly watching videos from mobile devices on the go, in public transport or in queues, they are not always able to watch them with the sound turned on. This also explains the demand for subtitles, which also allow you to quickly scroll through the video and understand the essence.

In addition, in 2024, most people on the planet spend most of their time at home, as do their children, who do not need to hear the content of some videos. In response to this specific user behavior, brands will create silent or soundless videos in 2024. However, such videos have their own peculiarity.

They either do not need sound at all, since everything is visible and understandable, or they evoke emotions and desires on a different level. For example, here’s a simple combination of educational and silent video.

6.   Storytelling Videos

Users love video stories, and for brands, this is an opportunity to better convey their missions and values, plus connect to the users’ hearts and souls on the emotional level. Storytelling videos are also very engaging, and when created by brands, they become powerful tools for increasing awareness, building loyalty, and increasing sales. At the same time, it is important to use high-quality photos of your product, when adding them  to the video. High-quality retouched photos increase conversion by up to 37% – according to PhotoRetouchingsSrvices.net.

Such types of videos are also great at sharing users’ problems, stating that they are not alone with their pains, and creating characters similar to your buyer personas. It allows for creating an effect of a subconscious perfect match, stimulating users to choose your brand.

For example, here is a compelling and emotion-provoking story created by Airbnb. Despite the fact that it was created 8 years ago, it doesn’t lose its relevance and marketing potential.

7.   Vertical Videos

Vertical videos become popular in response to social media marketing growth. More and more marketers use Instagram and its IGTV to create promotional videos that resonate with the needs and values of their target customers. The boom of vertical videos is also directly connected to the growth of mobile video consumption since this video type is the most convenient to watch from mobile without the necessity to flip the device. It provides an instant opportunity to convey the marketing message on one of the most popular social media platforms.

Here is the example of an IGTV vertical video created by Asos showcasing some of their best-selling goods.

8. AI-Generated Video Content

AI-generated video content revolutionizes the way brands create and deliver engaging visual experiences. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, businesses can now harness the power of AI algorithms to produce personalized and targeted video content for individual viewers. This not only enhances the speed and scalability of content creation but also enables the automation of repetitive tasks, streamlining the production process.

AI-driven video creation tools offer advanced capabilities for generating dynamic and high-quality visual content, making it cost-effective and efficient for brands to create compelling videos. The benefits of AI-generated video content include increased productivity, improved audience engagement, and the ability to deliver tailored messages to specific viewers.

Embracing this trend can give brands a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of video marketing.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our discussion on the 8 video advertising trends of 2024. The types of videos we have discussed in this article are expected to be the most popular, demanded and conversion-boosting in 2024.

Make sure to use them in your marketing strategies across different channels since most of them are quite reusable. This means additional opportunities to reach out to your target customers who highly expect favorite brands to connect with the help of videos.

If you have any suggestions about other video trends or would like to discuss a video production project, don’t hesitate to contact us at Gisteo!

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