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Facebook Video Best Practices

Facebook Video Best Practices That Boost Your Ad Results

Want proof of the power of Facebook videos?

Open your Facebook news feed. You’ll probably see your timeline populated by videos of various kinds, from those shared by your friends to sponsored posts from companies and marketers, news reports and more. There’s no doubt about it: Online videos are some of the most compelling, emotionally driven ways of connecting with your target audience. But if you want to truly reach them in the most personal way, your direct line to them today is via the Facebook video ads.  

Just like any other marketing content, however, Facebook videos are only worth the time, money and effort if you can ensure high-quality and frequent production, promote them effectively, and do all these in a consistent, sustainable manner. With videos reaching 8 million daily views and rising, no marketer, business owner or brand manager today can afford to ignore the opportunities offered by Facebook video ads. Make sure you get the most out of this “like-worthy” marketing tool by implementing the following best practices:

Manage your timeline by using automation and schedule tools.

Behind every successful campaign is a solid content calendar. It’s possible to have fresh, relevant Facebook videos even if you have a small team or a limited budget. Use the “Schedule Post” option and set expiration dates for your videos for more efficient management of your video releases. Use search and filtering options for your video library for easy filing, archive and access.  

Think about your audience

Make viewing your videos as convenient and as positive as you can make it. For instance, Facebook has made auto-play default for videos. Be more accessible and show respect for your customers’ news feed by adding captions to your presentations. This way, they can still get the gist of your video even if they chose to play it with the sound off.

Maximize your video content

Your awesome video should not be confined within Facebook only. Maximize its reach and exposure by embedding it to other places where your target audience hangs out. Use the “Embed Video” feature to show the video in your website as well, and make it easy for others to embed it on their sites, too. There’s even a way to make your Facebook videos not visible on Facebook; if you think this might be effective for your campaign, check out the secret videos feature—or the option where the video can only be viewed by people with its private URL.  

Monitor your results

Know how your Facebook videos are faring so you can continue to improve your strategy. Make it a habit to check your performance metrics through checking your Top Videos section, analyzing your retention graph, and tracking engagement metrics such as how many likes, shares and comments each video receives.  

If and when you are ready to produce your next marketing video, give us a call. We are happy to help!


Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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