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4 Features That Make a Great Animation Explainer Video

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Whether you run a small, medium, or large business, it is elemental to reach your audience to generate leads and make sales to earn profits. 

Now, there are different ways to market your products, for example, print media advertisements, tv advertisements, brand campaigns, and more. However, with easy access to the Internet and social media platforms, it is much easier to reach the audience using innovative methods. 

One of the ways that businesses can use to market their products or convey their brand message is through animated explainers videos. These videos are the best way to convey the gist of your brand message or product features to the audience. With 2D, 3D, or whiteboard animation, explainer videos are eye-catching and interesting and boost the engagement rate. 

Things to Know Before Creating Animated Explainer Videos

  • Determine the length of the explainer video based on the social media platform you use to publish. For Instagram, 30-second videos suffice. For Twitter, 45 seconds video length. For Facebook, a 1-minute video length is great, and for YouTube, 2 minutes is the perfect video length for explainer videos.
  • If you are publishing the explainer video on a landing page, make sure to keep it silent not to scare the audience away. Provide closed captions!
  • Develop a mobile-friendly explainer video. This is important because a large population consumes content through their mobile phones. 
  • Always track the performance of your explainer videos across different platforms. 
  • Always make sure to insert a call-to-action in your explainer videos. This will prompt the viewer to check out your website, explore more products and hopefully make a purchase. 

You can create animated explainer videos on your own in 7 simple steps. You can read our previous blog on the same. However, you can also collaborate with an animated explainer video production company for the same. 

4 Features That Make a Great Animated Explainer Video

Now you know the things that will help you make the finest animated explainer video and make the most out of it for your brand campaign. But to make an explainer video highly effective, it must have the following features. 

  • Video Message

When making an explainer video, you must lay emphasis on creating a strong video message. After all, that’s why you are creating an animated explainer video. Hence, pay attention to your video message. The video message must convey your point of creating an animated explainer video. Moreover, it must emphasize achieving your target goals. 

Always remember, the first few seconds of an explainer video are critical. These seconds will determine whether the viewer will watch the whole video or will be convinced enough to buy the product. Hence, streamlining your video message effectively gives the right information and boosts engagement. 

  • Video Visuals

When most think of creating brand videos, they consider adding too many flashy elements. These elements don’t serve the purpose of engaging the audience. Instead, they distract the audience from grasping the message. 

That’s where animated explainer videos come into play. These videos are simple, short, and crisp. And they will drive the audience to your business website, increasing the website traffic. Hence, when you are creating animated explainer videos, make sure to keep the visuals simple and crisp. 

  • Video Voice

It is not just about the visuals; it is also about the video voice. You want to use a voice for your animated explainer video that conveys the message naturally and straightforwardly. 

Choose a voiceover artist who can voice the message without fancy accents or style. The video narrator must keep it simple, natural, and straightforward. 

  • Video Pitch

Finally, your animated explainer video must effectively convey to the audience what your product or brand is. Hence, you must keep the script simple to pitch the idea efficiently. 

The video pitch must include elements like a breakdown of the product features and how it works. If your product is expensive, make sure to give out details about what makes it worth the money. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are creating 30 second explainer videos or 2-minute-long explainer videos, you must emphasize including the right video message, visuals, voice, and pitch. 

If you want to create exciting explainer videos for your brands that convey the gist of your product or brand, get in touch with us at Gisteo. Our professional team is highly passionate about creating and delivering striking animated explainer videos to businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors. 

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