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3 Types of Explainer Videos You Should Make

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Video marketing is an essential part of any marketing campaign for a business. And with the rise of social media, videos are an effective way to connect with your target audience. 

However, not every brand needs extensive, action-packed videos. Sometimes it might not align with the brand goals and aesthetics. And sometimes the business might not have the budget for such brand videos. 

In such cases, 30 second explainer videos can be the best choice for any brand. These videos are short, simple, and crisp. Moreover, it needs a lesser company budget to produce. 

In fact, you can make your own explainer video by following a few steps. You can read our previous blog detailing the 7 steps of making an explainer video to know more. 

But do you know what type of explainer video might be best for your brand? If not, keep reading this blog to find out more. 

3 Types of Explainer Videos

animated explainer video

Now, before you jump to make an explainer video for your brand, you must know the 3 types of explainer videos you can choose from. Each type of explainer video is different and will fulfill different marketing goals. Hence, choosing the right type of explainer video that aligns with your brand is critical. 

  • Animated Explainer Video

This is the most popular type of explainer video that brands choose for marketing. The primary reason to choose this type of explainer video is the ease of production. Animated explainer videos don’t need extensive pre- and post-production processes. Also, they have appealing visuals making them a more interesting and attractive choice. 

Now, there are different types of animated explainers videos. For example, 

  • Live action

This type of explainer video is hard to pull off. It needs people and props to drive the brand narrative. Hence, it will need a bit more budget and effort for pre-and post-production.

But once made, a live-action explainer video will be worth every penny. This type of explainer video is highly creative and has an interesting brand narrative. In this type of explainer video, the spokesperson explains the product effectively using different props. This spokesperson can be the CEO or founder of the company. Nowadays, brands also use celebrities and influencers in such kinds of explainer videos. 

explainer video
  • Crowdfunding explainer

A combination of both animated explainer and live-action explainer videos, crowdfunding explainer videos can make and break a campaign. Most crowdfunding explainer videos are focused on explaining how the funds raised will be used. With the right creative idea and resources, crowdfunding explainer videos can help a brand raise thousands of dollars. 

Bottom Line

Explainer videos are a great way to connect with your target audience. Whether you are building a brand image, introducing a new product, or raising funds for an innovative project, choosing the right type of explainer video will certainly benefit you in the long run. 

If you are looking for a professional explainer video production company, you can get in touch with us at Gisteo. We have worked with several popular brands along with niche businesses to develop explainer videos of high quality that deliver results. Our team can provide you with all the assistance you need starting from determining the type of explainer video your brand needs, production to publishing and performance tracking. 

Contact us now to know more.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising (a way more dysfunctional industry than even Mad Men portrays), Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale, albeit in moderation.

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