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Explainer Videos: The Science Behind Why It Works!

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Animated explainers videos are everywhere! 

Every brand, small, medium, or large, is using animated explainer videos as part of its marketing campaign. These videos have been seen to increase customer loyalty, and customer engagement, and boost lead generation and conversions. Animated explainer videos are a fun way to build a strong foothold in the market. 

But do you know why animated explainer videos work? 

In this blog, we will not tell you some vague points about the efficiency of animated explainer videos. Instead, we will give you proven stats about the effectiveness of animated explainer videos. We will also discuss the science behind why animated explainer videos work. 

So, let’s get started. 

Explainer Videos: How Effective They Are?

Explainer Videos

Here are a few examples that show the effectiveness of explainer videos. 

  • Work.com (previously Rypple) posted an explainer video on their homepage with the assistance of Switch Video. They saw a 20% increase in conversion. It was observed that more than 50% of visitors watch the complete explainer video. 
  • Dropbox, a leading cloud storage company, saw an increase of 10% in conversion after posting an explainer video. 
  • An article published on Quick Sprout reports that when Crazy Egg hired Demo Duck for making an explainer video, they saw an increase in monthly revenue by $21,000. 

These three examples show 30 second explainer videos to 2-minute-long explainer videos can do wonders for a brand. These videos are highly effective in telling a brand story, simplifying the process to sign up for a service, or explain a product efficiently. 

Now you know how animated explainer videos are effective in real time. But do you know the science behind why they work so efficiently? 

Explainer Videos: What is the Science Behind It?

Yes, explainer videos are effective! But why? What is the science behind it? 

Most people forget to understand how our brain works when watching explainer videos. Explainer videos offer both audio and video stimulation to the brain. 

As mentioned by Andrew Angus in his book “60 Seconds: How to tell your company’s story & the brain science that makes it stick.”, this is known as “dual coding”. 

When your brain is stimulated with only audio signals, it can retain only 10% of the information. However, when your brain is stimulated with audio and video signals, the retention of information increases by 68%. 

Explainer Videos

That’s a significant increase in information retention. And that’s what explainer videos offer to the viewer. As soon as information retention increases, the chances of customers coming back to your brand and opting for your services and products increase. 

And that’s what you want! 

How does this help in explainer video production?

Knowing the science behind why explainer videos work can help you develop the right type of explainer video for your brand. 

This can help you develop the right script for the video that includes effective audio and video signals that stimulate the brain of the viewer just enough. 

With the help of the right explainer video production company such as us at Gisteo, you can create awesome explainer videos for your brand. Our team has the right experience to work with your brand and bring the best creative mind to the table. 

Contact us now to know more about explainer videos and how we can make them for you.

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Stephen Conley

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