5 Ways You Can Use Animated Videos For Inbound Marketing in 2024

Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
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Using animated videos for inbound marketing is the new normal. A robust digital presence and a strong brand story always create a win-win situation.

The role of animated videos for inbound marketing in crafting a brand story, creating & improving digital presence, and achieving business success is undeniable.

Animated videos can help you create relevant, engaging, and compelling content to promote your service or product. How we incorporate animated videos into inbound marketing strategies varies depending on what medium we choose. Be it the landing page, your social media, email marketing, customer engagement, or your website’s home page.

But again the end goal is making the most of animated videos in order to strengthen your overall marketing strategies to improve engagement and boost sales.

After all, it’s all about ROI, isn’t it?

With a decreasing attention span, many of the traditional inbound marketing strategies are becoming less effective. Here are two major reasons why animated videos work: first because they are creative, and secondly they create a strong connection with the audience. And, here’s what you can do to make the most of animated videos for inbound marketing.

Without further ado, let’s have at the 5 ways you can create animated videos for inbound marketing to better connect with your audience.

1. Animated videos for inbound marketing – Place them on your home page

If you are a big fan of beautiful, creative animations, your home page is the perfect opportunity to showcase your passion. Well-designed animations can both improve the user-friendliness of web and mobile apps and significantly makes the home page appealing.

You can choose from a variety of web application animations including loading animations, welcoming animations, & scrolling animations, etc. Each kind of animation serves its purpose differently, for example, often users have to wait for certain files to load and a loading animation can brighten up the wait time so that the user does not feel overwhelmed. You can use shape-changing animations or short cartoons for that. 

Your home page creates the very first impression on the user and it is important to make sure you design it well. If you create fantastic animations it will engage the audience well, and entice them to take action. Plus, a captivating animation can help you and it impresses your audience right at the spot.

2. Animated videos for email marketing

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By all means, you can hire a great copywriter to create engaging emails. However, if you can add animated videos to these emails, that would spice up the inbound marketing strategies ever further. Incorporating the animations directly into the emails will make them effective and interesting.

Research has shown that including video boosts the open rate of email by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.  A mix of animations and email marketing can do wonders. An email that features an animated video can significantly improve your website traffic and conversions.

And, here is what you should do to make the most of animated videos when using email marketing. Try to write engaging, to-the-point text that complements videos, place your CTA prominently so it will help you achieve our goal faster, and choose a catchy thumbnail.

Incorporating animated videos for inbound marketing is a great way to engage your audience creatively, so make sure you make it compelling!

3. Use animated videos in social media

Today, social media is flooded with more content than ever before, and in a situation like this brands are competing with each other in creating the best content so they can capture the audience’s attention. 

If you really want to your target audience stop scrolling through the social feed, animated videos are a perfect solution. You can get all the likes, and sell more stuff with the right animated videos for social media. 

There are obvious reasons why you should use an animated video for your social media. They are great to jog your memory, help you touch on difficult topics, and hold attention. Studies show that a significant 65% of people learn visually. Thus using more visual content, videos, and images will create a win-win situation for your brand. 

Here’s more good news: 64% of users have a higher likelihood of purchasing a product if they watch a video. Therefore, make sure your animated content speaks directly to your target audience. It must be easy to understand, friendly, and inspires the user to take action. Try to add some humor and nice-looking visuals to spice up a little more. 

4.   Customer onboarding & animated videos

SaaS Customer Onboarding: 7 Best Practices to Ensure Success

Successful customer onboarding without impacting existing customers is key to long-term business success. Almost 97% of people agree that animated videos are a great way to welcoming and educating new customers.

First, animated videos are entertaining, and secondly, they deliver information very quickly with higher retention rates. These two attributes of the animated videos are simply priceless. 

Think of it this way: You make the purchase on a website, and you are greeted by useful content. First, you are really happy with the actual purchase, and secondly, they provide even more benefits via an animated video in a way that exceeds your initial expectations. You can’t wait to share it with your best friend and she buys the product too. So you see, animated videos help businesses with customer onboarding while also offering the ability to attract new customers. 

Bottomline – an effective onboarding setup with the help of an animation video always leads to positive word of mouth and in turn, it may help bring new prospects.

5.   Use an animated video on your landing page

Animated videos can very effective on landing pages. A landing page is often what an ideal customer visits before he makes a purchase. He is likely at the last stage of the buyer’s journey and nothing could be worse than having an unattractive or poor quality landing page. 

Whether you want to sell your service or product, placing an explainer video on your landing page can help you achieve your goals.  The video should demonstrate the product in action, reveal its hidden components and focus on product details with an attractive narrative. Doing so will help you stand out and likely convert more buyers!


From a landing page to social media to customer retention to your home page, incorporating animated videos for inbound marketing can help generate great results both in terms of boosting engagement and sales.

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