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Gisteo offers exceptional explainer video scriptwriting services for organizations of all types. Let us do the heavy lifting and craft a winning story for you!


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The importance of explainer video scripts

Great explainer videos start with engaging explainer video scripts.  It’s that simple. An explainer video can be a powerful tool but, without a strong script, you may as well be burning your money. Stellar illustration and slick animation won’t save you if your script is lousy.  Just think about how many big-budget, special effects-laden Hollywood films have flamed out at the box office because they lacked a compelling storyline.  The same goes for explainer video scripts.

Benefits of a compelling explainer video script

A compelling, well-written explainer video script offers several benefits, including:

Clarity and understanding: A well-crafted script breaks down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand language. This ensures that your audience grasps the core message quickly and effectively.

Engagement: A strong script captures the audience’s attention from the start and keeps them engaged throughout the video. This is crucial in a digital landscape where attention spans are short.

Brand personality and voice: A good script can infuse your brand’s personality and voice into the video. This helps in building a consistent brand image and can make your content more relatable and memorable.

Emotional Connection: A well-written script can evoke emotions, whether it’s humor, empathy, or excitement. This emotional connection can make the message more impactful and memorable.

Conversion and persuasion: The ultimate goal of most explainer videos is to persuade the viewer to take action, whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a service, or simply learning more. A compelling script guides the viewer through a persuasive narrative that leads to this action

Professionalism and credibility: A high-quality script reflects professionalism and can enhance the credibility of the information or product being presented.

explainer video scriptwriting service

How our scriptwriting service works

While the vast majority of what we do is full-service work with storyboarding, animation, voice over etc. included, we realize that there are some cases in which you only need the script portion created. Maybe you have internal video production resources or an existing relationship with another company?  Not a problem. We’ll be glad to tackle what we consider to be the most critical aspect of any explainer video project…and that’s the script.

As pioneers in the explainer video space, few have written more explainer video scripts than us. We’ve worked with countless organizations across almost every sector imaginable so you’re in good hands when you hire us for your explainer video script project.


For a flat fee of $500, we will write your explainer video script of 30-90 seconds and revise it as needed until completion.  If you’re looking to develop a shorter or longer script, we can discuss and provide you with a transparent quote.  Upfront payment is required on explainer video script writing projects.

If you’d like to hire Gisteo to develop your explainer video script, simply contact us now or click here to schedule a consultation. The pre-production questionnaire that we use for our full-service projects is also essential to our script-only work, so you’ll want to download that here or we’ll be happy to send it to you via email after we speak.

Pre-Production Questionnaire

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