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Best animated explainer video companies?  Find out here!

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Best animated explainer video companies

Finding The Best Animated Explainer Video Companies

So who really are the best animated explainer video companies?  Ah, what a question.  With so many choices these days, doing your homework in this space can be confusing and time-consuming.

At Gisteo, we’re obviously biased. We combine experience, marketing intelligence, smart writing, expert animation chops and fair pricing in a way that we feel makes us one of the best animated explainer video companies on the planet.  If you haven’t seen our “Why Gisteo” page, now’s a good time to check that out.

If you’re just visiting our site for very the first time, this (recently updated) overview video will give you the gist of what we’re all about in 90 seconds…and, yeah, pun intended.



Animated Explainer Video Companies: Our List

But enough about us for the moment. Admittedly, there are plenty of companies that make animated explainer videos. To make your research easier, below is a handy list of links where you can review lots different explainer video producers.  Gisteo is listed first, of course 🙂  but then we just list animated explainer video companies in alphabetical order thereafter.

Did we leave someone off the above list?  Not a problem…just contact us and we’ll be happy to add your company.

Here are a some other lists compiling rankings of the best animated explainer video companies:

Below are some other lists detailing the top animated explainer video companies. Again, if you know of any additional lists that you recommend we should add here, just give us a holler.


Tips for choosing the best animated explainer video company

The fact is that there are a host of different factors that come into play when searching from the best animated explainer video companies. It’s a significant investment and choosing the best company is undoubtedly important decision for business. Here are some key factors we think you should consider when trying to research the best animated explainer video companies:

Experience: How long have they been in business?  How many explainer videos have they produced? With whom have they worked?  Do you recognize any names of past clients or have they worked with any Fortune 500 companies?  These are all important questions you’ll want to keep in mind when researching animated explainer video companies.

You need to be careful when working with a studio that has just begun and is still trying to figure things out in terms of workflow and processes.  Producing explainer videos is an art as well as a science. The truth of the matter is that these videos are extremely labor-intensive so you ideally want to choose a firm who has put in their 10,000 hours (Outliers is a great book, by the way) already, rather than financing a newbie’s learning curve.

More on the importance practice/experience and 10,000 notion here:

Communication: Do they respond quickly?  If they take longer than 24 hours to respond to your inquiry, consider that a major red flag. This is a competitive space so folks that don’t get back to you promptly when you’re knocking on their door aren’t likely to suddenly get more responsive when you actually hire them to do the work.

We’ve heard stories about there about animated explainer video companies taking over 4-5 MONTHS  to finish a project.  As a general reference, we at Gisteo normally finish projects in 4-5 weeks.

Praise: What are people saying about their work?  Do they have strong testimonials and feedback from reputable companies? Make sure that they’re not just making up testimonials, or worse yet, buying them from shady characters offering to record video testimonials for a few bucks.  Practices like this are wrong and dishonest.

Testimonials need to be earned, not bought!  Our advice would be to ask the animated explainer video company for several references and, at the same time, you can reach out to some of the past clients they’re citing in their testimonials on LinkedIn to ensure that the comments attributed to them are indeed legit.

Styles: is the company a “one-trick pony” or do they offer a wide-variety of styles to fit the needs of different brands? Now there’s nothing wrong with specializing in a particular style, especially a very unique one like whiteboard videos. If you absolutely know you want to do a whiteboard explainer video and find a company that exclusively offers that style, by all means, go for it.

We find, however, that the vast majority of clients who contact us aren’t really sure what style would be best for their needs. It’s something we discuss in the consultation or discover process as it’s important that style used in the execution is consistent with the brand’s look and feel, tone and overall strategy.

Quality: Be careful- there are a lot of companies (especially the cheaper ones) who use templates. Keep in mind that templates tend to give videos a cheesy, “cookie cutter” look that can ultimately damage to your brand.

Ask the animated explainer video company if they create custom characters, artwork and assets as part of their process or if they only use stock imagery and templates. There really is a difference and quality matters!

Work:  Does the animated explainer video company have a robust portfolio of past work available on their website?  Is their work of a consistent quality across their samples or is there just one or two that are good while the rest sort of…well…suck?

When it comes to a company’s work, the proof is in the pudding as they say and it’s easy to get burned out there these days.  Carefully review samples of their work as this is one of the best indicators of what they can do for you. Unlike the disclaimer you hear in those investment ads, past performance IS DEFINITELY an indicator of future success in the animated explainer video space.

Pricing: You’ll find a whole spectrum of pricing out there, from super cheap to obscenely expensive. In general, a lot of off-shore firms in India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe etc. offer low prices but the process can be painful (we get a lot of customers coming to Gisteo who have been “burned” by off-shore options).  On the other hand, the expensive companies can certainly be capable of great work but if $30-50K really the best use of your marketing budget when there are quality options available for less?

So there you have it. If you’re looking for the best animated explainer video companies, we hope this article has been helpful.  If you’d like to discuss your animated explainer video needs, contact us today!

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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