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Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising, Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale (in moderation).


In today’s digital era, explainer videos have become a cornerstone in the marketing strategies of mobile apps. These concise, engaging videos are more than just promotional tools; they are an important medium for connecting with audiences, conveying the essence of an app, and enhancing user engagement.

This compilation showcases a selection of some of the best mobile app explainer videos that have set new standards in creativity and effectiveness in recent years. These videos are not merely a display of artistic skills; they embody strategic storytelling, audience understanding, and the ability to distill complex app functionalities into compelling narratives. From global tech giants to innovative startups, these examples span a spectrum of industries and approaches, offering insights and inspiration for anyone looking to create impactful app explainer videos.

As we navigate through these best mobile app explainer video examples, we see how explainer videos have become an indispensable tool in bridging the gap between technology and users. They not only highlight key features and solve user problems but also create a lasting impression that can significantly influence an app’s market presence. Join us as we explore these brilliant videos, each a unique blend of art, technology, and marketing acumen.

1. Google Calendar App

Google’s app explainer video for its Calendar app brilliantly combines motion graphics with live-action, appealing to a broad audience by showcasing how the app enhances life’s organization and enjoyment.

2. TeamSnap

More coaches and managers trust TeamSnap over any other brand.  The app is used by over 20 million people and 2 million teams worldwide. This Gisteo production for TeamSnap is simple, snappy and effective. It has almost a million views on Youtube and scores serious points for brevity and clarity. Not all of the best mobile app explainer videos have to be high budget to make an impact!

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s uses effective animation and simple backgrounds to focus on the app, explaining its usage and special offers in an engaging way.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest’s explainer video is an oldie but goodie.  Launched in 2011, it’s a standout example of clear, engaging messaging. With its cartoonish animation, it succinctly explains the app’s functionality and encourages viewers to download it.

5. Amazon Go

Amazon Go’s explainer video showcases the convenience of its shopping experience in a real-world scenario, demonstrating the app’s benefits in a believable and engaging way.  The script is well-written and it’s very effective at communicating Amazon Go’s value proposition.

6. Call Me Out App

Featuring celebrity Mike Tompkins, this video combines a personal story with animation, effectively demonstrating the app’s benefits and the power of celebrity endorsement.

7. MyHeritage App

This powerful video, devoid of voiceover, encourages viewers to explore their ancestry through the app, showcasing the power of visual storytelling.

8. Pearl

No voice over is needed in this high-energy mobile app explainer video by Gisteo that communicates Pearl’s functionality with a stylish flair. Music, imagery and text do all the work!

9. Microsoft Office 365

This mobile app explainer video seamlessly merges the realms of reality and technology. It employs ingenious animation techniques, such as navigating the app with a bubble, transforming office logos into cushions, and stacking files like sheets of paper, infusing the video with an additional layer of creativity and intrigue. By presenting the app on a flat screen instead of a phone and depicting it as a tangible object rather than just software, the animations subtly convey the message that this app is an essential piece of office equipment, a concept that would be difficult to communicate through mere text or images alone.

10. Apple

Apple’s video stands out with high-quality animations and live-action shots, focusing on their environmental commitment to making every product carbon neutral by 2030.


This compilation showcases the evolution and effectiveness of some of the best mobile app explainer videos over the past decade. Whether you’re a small startup or a corporate giant, these examples demonstrate the power of a well-crafted explainer video in enhancing app appeal and user engagement.  Contact us if you have a mobile app explainer video project you’d like to discuss,

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