Need an affordable company naming service?

The Slogan Shop is Gisteo’s sister company– specialized in crafting catchy company names, brand names, product names and more. Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations big and small make a name for themselves, without breaking the bank.

Company naming, made easy

A memorable name is critical for any product or organization. The right name can be a powerful tool for your business, while the wrong one can be disastrous.

The Slogan Shop is a company naming and branding service from the makers Gisteo. We take the pain out of coming up with the perfect name. Naming isn’t about throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks, which is why we focus on quality over quantity. We’ve done diverse work for all sorts of clients…all over the world.  Let us help you develop a great name for your company, product or service at an affordable rate.

About our process

No matter what type of name you’re looking to create, we take the time to understand your project, unique goals and needs. We do our homework, studying your initial Project Brief and asking for any additional input/direction when necessary.

Whatever your objectives, we’ll ensure we’re on the same page and deliver names designed to meet your specific goals.We don’t send hundreds of alternatives and “hope one sticks.” That’s not our approach.  Instead, we send a select short-list of options that we believe in.  We’ll tell you our thinking behind each choice along with a short write-up of why we think it’s a strong alternative. ​

>After submitting the first round of work, you provide feedback.  If you don’t choose one of our proposed alternatives, simply provide concrete, actionable feedback and we’ll go back for a second round to help ensure you get the type of standout name you deserve!

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