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If you need a catchy name for your business or product, you’re in luck….with The Slogan Shop (our sister company)!

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About The Slogan Shop

A memorable name is critical for any product or organization. The right name can be a powerful tool for your business, while the wrong one can be disasterous.

The Slogan Shop is a company naming and branding service from the makers Gisteo.  We take the pain out of coming up with the perfect name. Naming isn’t about throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks, which is why we focus on quality over quantity. We’ve done diverse work for all sorts of clients…all over the world.  Let us help you develop an insanely great name for your company, product or service…at crazy reasonable rates!

A sampling of our brand naming work

Below is just a quick sampling of our work.  Note: the vast majority of the names we have created required dotcom (.com) availability. This is significant because other company naming services out there either charge extra for this (we don’t). Other naming companies often try to sell you on the merits of a name with zero chance of having an available domain (without spending thousands to acquire the rights)…and a less than zero chance of being trademarked (without a long, expensive legal process).

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