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Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
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An explainer video production is both an art and a science, requiring a blend of creativity, strategic planning, and understanding of your audience to effectively convey your message. Whether you’re introducing a new product, explaining a complex concept, or sharing your brand’s story, explainer videos can significantly enhance your marketing strategy. However, the difference between a compelling explainer video production and one that fails to engage the audience often lies in adhering to a set of essential do’s and don’ts. This article guide will delve into key explainer video production do’s and don’ts, offering insights into what you should embrace and what pitfalls to avoid.

The Do’s of Explainer Video Production

explainer video production do's

1. Understand Your Audience Thoroughly

Before drafting your script or conceptualizing scenes, it’s crucial to know who your audience is. Understanding their needs, challenges, and preferences allows you to tailor your message for maximum impact. Whether they are tech-savvy millennials or busy executives, each group has distinct expectations and preferences for receiving information.

2. Embrace Brevity

The power of explainer videos lies in their ability to distill complex ideas into digestible, engaging content. Aim for a duration of 60 to 90 seconds, which is sufficient to convey a meaningful message while keeping your audience’s attention.

3. Highlight Benefits Creatively

While it might be tempting to list every feature of your product or service, focusing on the benefits resonates more deeply with viewers. Illustrate how your offering improves their lives, addressing their problems or fulfilling their needs in a relatable and compelling manner.

4. Craft a Compelling Script

The script is the foundation of your explainer video. A well-crafted script engages, informs, and persuades. Consider hiring a professional scriptwriter to ensure your message is conveyed clearly and creatively.

5. Select the Right Visual Style

The visual style of your explainer video should reflect your brand’s personality and resonate with your target audience. Whether it’s 2D animation, 3D, stop motion, or live-action, the chosen style should enhance your message.

6. Invest in Professional Audio

Sound is a critical component of your video. High-quality audio, including a professional voiceover and carefully selected music, can significantly enhance the emotional impact of your video. Ensure the audio quality is top-notch and the voiceover artist’s tone aligns with your brand’s character.

The Don’ts of Explainer Video Production

explainer video production don'ts

1. Avoid Complexity

Your explainer video should simplify, not complicate, your message. Steer clear of jargon and overly complex explanations, opting instead for clarity and simplicity to ensure your audience understands and remembers your message.

2. Don’t Skip the Planning Stage

Rushing into production without a solid plan can lead to a disjointed and ineffective video. Take the time to storyboard your ideas, plan your visuals, and refine your script. This preparation ensures a clearer message and a more polished final product.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency

Your explainer video is an extension of your brand. Ensure consistent use of your logo, color scheme, and brand voice throughout the video to enhance brand recognition and reinforce your message.

4. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

What action do you want viewers to take after watching your video? Whether it’s visiting your website, signing up for a trial, or contacting your team, your call to action should be clear and compelling.

5. Prioritize Quality

While budget constraints are a reality, compromising on quality can detract from your message and negatively impact your brand’s perception. Investing in quality production can pay dividends in credibility and professionalism.

6. Seek and Act on Feedback

Before finalizing your video, gather feedback from a diverse group of viewers. Fresh perspectives can identify issues you might have overlooked and offer valuable insights into how your message is perceived.

Integrating Explainer Videos into Your Marketing Strategy

Leverage Multiple Platforms

Maximize your explainer video’s reach by sharing it across various channels, tailoring its introduction or call to action to each platform’s unique audience and format.

Embed in Email Campaigns

Incorporating your explainer video in email campaigns can significantly boost engagement rates. Use an engaging thumbnail and subject line to encourage recipients to watch the video.

Use in Presentations and Sales Meetings

Explainer videos can make sales pitches and presentations more dynamic and engaging, providing a consistent and concise overview of your product or service.

Measuring the Impact of Your Explainer Video

Track Engagement Metrics

Monitor basic metrics such as view count, likes, shares, and comments to gauge your video’s reach and audience engagement.

Analyze Watch Time and Drop-Off Rates

Understanding where viewers stop watching can help you identify parts of the video that may need improvement.

Evaluate Conversion Rates

The ultimate measure of your explainer video’s success is its ability to drive viewers to take action. Track conversions linked to your video to assess its effectiveness.

Solicit Direct Feedback

Gathering qualitative feedback from your audience can provide deeper insights into your video’s impact and areas for enhancement.


An effective explainer video production is more than just a marketing tool; it’s a strategic asset that can clarify your message, engage your audience, and drive conversions. By following these detailed explainer video production do’s and don’ts, integrating your video into a broader marketing strategy, and closely monitoring its performance, you can create an explainer video that not only informs but also inspires action. Remember, success lies in understanding your audience, delivering a clear and concise message, and maintaining a commitment to quality throughout the production process. With these explainer video production do’s and dont’s as your guide, your video can become a pivotal component of your marketing efforts, helping to elevate your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


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