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The Slogan Shop is Gisteo’s sister company– specialized in writing catch slogans and taglines. Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations better express their “why,” without breaking the bank.
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Catchy slogans and taglines for your business, product or service

As Gisteo’s sister company, The Slogan Shop is a branding boutique a specialized in company slogan and tagline writing as well as name creation. The Slogan Shop actually pre-dates Gisteo by a year. Since 2010, we’ve created, reinvented or enhanced brands for hundreds of organizations across the world, all at an affordable price.

If you like Gisteo’s approach to doing business, you’ll likewise love how we do things at The Slogan Shop. There’s no bureaucracy, bloated pricing or BS- just powerful ideas to help your organization cut through the clutter.

Plus, both slogans and taglines tie in extremely well with the work we do at Gisteo.  A slogan/tagline, after all, is essentially the “gist” of what your brand stands for.  Since we’re already working closely with you to communicate your value proposition within the explainer video, our slogan creation service dovetails perfectly with the overall project.

The importance of slogans and taglines

Taglines or slogans are essential elements to your overall message and serve to help position your brand. A memorable catchphrase in the form of a slogan or tagline can help emotionally engage your external audiences, crystallize what you stand for with internal audiences and help your brand cut through the clutter. The right slogan or tagline complements the messaging evoked by your brand name. For instance, a functional tagline will help clarify a more abstract name while an aspirational one can help elevate a more descriptive or straightforward name.

Is there a difference between slogans and taglines? Both taglines and slogans are short statements that identify your brand but, technically, they are different. Taglines are more permanent and reinforce your brand by conveying the tone and feeling you want for your products and services. The most successful taglines become synonymous with brand names and logos.  Just do it is one of the most famous taglines ever and is still being used by Nike 30 years later.

Slogans, on the other hand, are more temporary and are normally tied to a specific marketing effort. The word slogan comes from a Scottish word meaning “battle cry.” Different slogans can be used for different marketing “battles,” or campaigns. While a tagline is used consistently and is only changed for a large company rebranding, a slogan can be changed fairly often to highlight a specific aspect of a product, service or business.  Slogans tend to express brand strategies, such as the brand promise or unique selling proposition.  Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there is an example of a famous slogan, although it has basically become the insurance giant’s tagline too. Coca-Cola has had dozens of slogans over the years to focus on different aspects of the brand: It’s the real thing, Coke adds life, Open Happiness, Taste the Feeling.

Despite these differences, many people use the terms “tagline” and “slogan” interchangeably. Unless you note otherwise, we’ll assume that we need to create a powerful catchphrase that encapsulates your unique selling proposition and brand values. We’ll let you determine exactly how or where you end up using it.

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