Still don’t have an animated sales pitch?  Here’s why you need one.

Animated sales pitches are the present and future of marketing. The world is busy. People don’t have patience and they want things to be quick. You need to tell a long story quickly and effectively.

So if you want to pitch your products or services to an audience or prospective clients, you need to send a concise message in the minimum possible amount of time. And that’s where animated sales pitch comes in.

What are the benefits of using an animated sales pitch

Animated sales pitches have become a go-to option for marketers.  Let’s take a closer look how an animated sales pitch can help your organization.

Animated sales pitch videos are concise

This is the biggest advantage of animated pitch videos.  It’s called an “elevator pitch” for a reason. Not a 3 hour cruise pitch! In our modern fast-paced world, time is of the essence. People are impatient and want you to get to the point. It is of paramount importance for businesses to deliver their message in the shortest possible amount of time. In a minute or two, an animated sales video can deliver what a presenter might take several minutes to explain. The best part: videos do not miss any point that you want to convey and there are no chances of human error.

This is particularly important if you are a B2B company. In that case, you have to explain the features of your product or service to extremely busy business executives. They’d appreciate it very much if you can get your message across in the shortest amount of time. Animated pitch videos help ensure you don’t skip anything while getting to the “gist” concisely.

Research has pointed out that people tend to pay more attention to something when they know the duration of what they’re about to see or watch. In case of the presentation, people do not know how long it is going to be. But with an explainer video this is clear and you can tell them exactly how much time they’re about to invest.

Animated sales pitches are a cost-effective solution

There is a misconception that animated videos are super expensive.  This is simply not the case.  The technology of making animated videos has advanced a lot and as a result, you can now get one produced at a lower cost. Consider the following:

  • You do not necessarily need to hire a professional to pitch your product or service as the video can do that better than any human.
  • An animated video is a one-time investment that can help you as long as your product or service remains viable. During this time, there are zero recurring expenses.
  • If you opt for making live-action video to explain the same thing as an animated one, its cost will be astronomically higher as you need to hire actors, film crews and more to accomplish the same task.

Sales pitch videos are multi-purpose

While presentations can only be presented to a group of people in an office or to the executives of a particular company if you are a B2B company, that’s not the case with animated videos. You can use the same video to present your product or service at a conference or exhibition and the same video can also be used as a YouTube or as Facebook ad or even as TV commercial. There is no limit to the possible uses of an explainer video.

Animated sales pitch videos are great at highlighting the problem and the solution

One of the greatest benefits of an explainer video is that you can use it to show a problem and then move to the solution in a sequential way. Customers look for a solution to their problems and that can be efficiently depicted in an explainer video.

You can, by all means, explain the same concepts using text, slides or other forms of communication, but, remember that Chinese saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, a video is 30 pictures per second so you will never be able to deliver the same amount of information in any reasonable amount of words as you can in a short pitch video.

Animated sales video project an image of your brand

People and businesses are becoming more brand conscious these days. If you want to remain in business long-term and perform well at it, you need to create a brand image.

When you select an animated video as one of your primarily sales pitch solutions, you get a lot of flexibility regarding your brand image. You can add your brand’s theme colors and logo to the video to embed them into the subconscious of the audience.

An animated sales pitch video converts better

A 2-year-long study spanning over 300,000 sales lead conducted by the marketing company Straight North determined that as much as 84% of the conversions on a page occur at the first visit.

That combined with the fact that 79% of internet users say that they’d rather watch a 2-minute-long video than read text means that animated video can greatly increase the rate of conversion rate on your website.

Animated sales pitches vs. presentations

Presentation has been around longer than even PowerPoint or any other slide making service, but now we have more options.  Gone are the days when the only option to pitch your product is a Don Draper type in an expensive suit explaining stuff written on slides to an audience. Let’s compare the two options:

With presentations, you need a presenter

This one is obvious but still worth mentioning: a presentation is only as good as the person presenting it. Good presenters are highly skilled people who don’t come inexpensively. Moreover, there is always a chance of human error when you have a person pitching for you. If you decide to use an animated sales pitch instead, you not only avoid extra costs but also get a sales pitch that is not prone to errors or imperfections at any stage.

Presentations can be boring

Ask yourself you’d rather read stuff from a slide or see the thing in front of you? Presentations, no matter how good the presenter is, run the risk of boring your audience. You need to be more engaging and interesting to leave a lasting impression and animated videos can help improve your chances to accomplish this.

Presentations are not as versatile

Presentations can only be used to pitch a product or service to a limited number of people and are audience-specific. Animated explainer videos, on the other hand, are a versatile media that can be used to present the idea to a specific audience such as a group of investors or executives as well as broader online audience.


These were some of the reasons why your business needs to incorporate animated videos as one of your go-to solutions for sales pitches.  In short, animated explainer videos convey the same message in less amount of time and in a more interesting way than typical presentations. You also don’t need to hire someone with superb communication skills to deliver the videos as is the case with presentations and there is a lower possibility of error if you go this way.

If you decide to embrace the future of marketing, contact us. At Gisteo, we can help you create an animated sales pitch in diverse styles designed to help you engage your audience and covert more sales.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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