20 Explainer Animation Video Uses To Supercharge Your Content

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Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising, Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale (in moderation).

Explainer Animation Video Uses: Elevating Your Brand in Today’s Market

In today’s fast-paced world, where content is king, a single, standard explainer video is no longer enough to make your brand stand out. Videos have become a crucial part of content marketing, offering a dynamic and engaging way to reach audiences. At Gisteo, we specialize in creating explainer animation videos that not only capture attention but also educate and inspire action.

In this article, we’re diving into the top 20 uses for explainer animation videos, showcasing how they can supercharge your brand and connect with your audience more effectively. Join us as we explore these innovative and impactful strategies to enhance your brand’s presence in the market!

1. Traditional Explainer Videos

  • Application: Primarily used to break down complex topics or services into an easily understandable format.
  • Benefits: Reduces customer confusion, shortens sales cycles, and can be shared widely across multiple platforms.
  • Best Practices: Keep it short (1-3 minutes), focus on solving the viewer’s problem, and maintain a consistent brand voice.
  • Example: This is one of Gisteo’s most popular offerings. Here’s a recent production for PetCentric:

2. Product Demo Videos

  • Application: Showcase a product or service’s features and demonstrate their direct benefits to the user.
  • Benefits: Clarifies the offering for potential users, reduces uncertainty or confusion, and strengthens user trust.
  • Best Practices: Emphasize the primary advantages, illustrate the offering in real-world scenarios, and blend in specific product imagery for added credibility.
  • Example: This Gisteo production showcases BEKO’s QuikPure core product functionality.

3. Brand Videos

  • Application: Tell your brand’s story, values, and mission.
  • Benefits: Increases brand loyalty, differentiates from competitors, and builds a stronger emotional connection.
  • Best Practices: Evoke emotion, stay genuine, and ensure a high-quality production.
  • Example: Gisteo partnered with TreasureData to deliver this “brand manifesto” video:

4. Promo Videos

  • Application: Highlight unique aspects, values, or upcoming features of your business or service.
  • Benefits: Increases brand awareness, engages potential users, and reinforces brand identity.
  • Best Practices: Showcase your brand’s strengths, integrate a compelling call-to-action, and ensure it’s visually captivating.
  • Example: Gisteo teamed up with TeamSnap for a series of short, “snappy” promo videos like this one they use as the main video for their Youtube channel:

5. Training and Educational Videos

  • Application: Teach users or employees about specific processes or topics.
  • Benefits: Facilitates self-paced learning, reduces training costs, and ensures consistency.
  • Best Practices: Use clear visuals, keep the pace steady, and offer downloadable resources.
  • Example: Gisteo produced entire series of training videos to educate new employees on how to use Verus’s mortgage platform:

6. Sales Videos

  • Application: Convince potential customers of the value of a product or service.
  • Benefits: Helps in decision-making, showcases USPs, and can be used by sales teams as a tool.
  • Best Practices: Address pain points, demonstrate solutions, and incorporate social proof.
  • Example: Gisteo created this sales overview video for InCaseOfCrisis 365:

7. Case Study Videos

  • Application: Highlight success stories or specific scenarios where your product/service solved a problem.
  • Benefits: Increases credibility, offers tangible proof of value, and addresses potential concerns.
  • Best Practices: Use real-world examples, show before-after scenarios, and incorporate client testimonials.
  • Example: Gisteo produced this video for Raziel to highlight the company’s successful track record helping medical practices grow:

8. Short Ads for Social Media

  • Application: Engage social media audiences with bite-sized, compelling content.
  • Benefits: Increases brand visibility, is highly shareable, and tailored for platform-specific algorithms.
  • Best Practices: Adapt to platform norms (e.g., vertical videos for TikTok, Facebook etc.), incorporate captions, and have a clear CTA.
  • Example: Gisteo created a series of short social media videos for LawnStarter:

9. Internal Communication Videos

  • Application: Share company updates, news, or processes with employees.
  • Benefits: Fosters company culture, ensures message consistency, and is more engaging than emails.
  • Best Practices: Maintain a clear and concise message, ensure easy accessibility, and encourage feedback.
  • Example: Valant hired Gisteo to create this internal video to inform and motivate employees:

10. FAQ Videos

  • Application: Address commonly asked questions in an engaging manner.
  • Benefits: Reduces customer support workload, offers on-demand solutions, and improves user experience.
  • Best Practices: Group related questions, keep answers short, and regularly update based on feedback.
  • Example: Gisteo teamed up with Broadway SF to create this video to address their customers’ most frequently asked questions:

11. Company Culture Videos

  • Application: Offer a peek into the company’s environment, ethos, and team.
  • Benefits: Attracts potential employees, builds trust with clients, and showcases company values.
  • Best Practices: Be authentic, showcase diverse teams, and highlight unique company traditions.
  • Example: Netflix is just one of the large corporations that producing compelling company culture videos to attract new talent:

12. Announcement Videos

  • Application: Share company milestones, product launches, or other major news.
  • Benefits: Generates excitement, keeps audience informed, and offers a platform for feedback.
  • Best Practices: Pair announcements with visuals, tease upcoming releases, and look to keep it short.
  • Example: Gisteo produced this quick teaser promoting the launch of Gingr’s new, improved portal:

13. Animated Presentations

  • Application: Offer information or data in an animated, engaging format.
  • Benefits: Enhances viewer retention, makes data more digestible, and offers creative freedom.
  • Best Practices: Use consistent animations, don’t overload with info, and ensure clear transitions.
  • Example: Gisteo transformed an entire employee orientation deck for CompleatKidz into an informative animated presentation:

14. Crowdfunding Videos

  • Application: Convince potential backers to support a project or idea.
  • Benefits: Can make or break a campaign, personalizes the request, and showcases the project’s potential.
  • Best Practices: Share the ‘why’ behind the project, demonstrate passion, and clearly state benefits for backers.
  • Example: Exploding Kittens utilized a funny crowdfunding video that generated serious results:

15. Onboarding Videos

  • Application: Introduce and guide new customers or employees.
  • Benefits: Speeds up onboarding process, reduces confusion, and sets clear expectations.
  • Best Practices: Incorporate a friendly tone, ensure clarity, and provide additional resources.
  • Example: Gingr hired Gisteo to create this brief onboarding/welcome video for new customers:

16. Tips & Tricks Videos

  • Application: Share industry insights, information, hacks, or advice.
  • Benefits: Positions brand as an expert, adds value to viewers, and fosters trust.
  • Best Practices: Address current industry trends, offer actionable advice, and encourage feedback.
  • Example: Gisteo teamed with Frequence to produce a simple overview/explanation of programmatic advertising to use on their Youtube channel:

17. Testimonial Videos

  • Application: Showcase feedback or reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Benefits: Offers powerful social proof, humanizes the brand, and can overcome objections.
  • Best Practices: Use genuine testimonials, incorporate diverse voices, and pair with relevant visuals.
  • Example: Gisteo has produced a series of customer testimonials like this one for Xactus:

18. Employee Recruitment Videos

  • Application: Attract potential employees by showcasing company culture, benefits, and roles.
  • Benefits: Reduces hiring time, attracts better-fit candidates, and offers a platform to share company values.
  • Best Practices: Highlight employee testimonials, showcase job requirements, and discuss growth opportunities.
  • Example: Gisteo created this fun recruitment video for Bell Brothers, a plumbing company, voiced by the company founders themselves:

19. Comparison Videos

  • Application: Compare products or services, highlighting your brand’s USPs.
  • Benefits: Addresses competition head-on, informs viewers, and emphasizes unique value propositions.
  • Best Practices: Be fair in comparisons, use clear metrics, and remain transparent.
  • Example: Insurance King hired Gisteo to produce a series of humorous videos comparing their company with the unnamed but recognizable “other guys” in the Chicago-area:

20. Email Campaign Videos

  • Application: Engage email recipients with embedded videos.
  • Benefits: Increases open and click-through rates, offers a break from text-heavy content, and can boost conversions.
  • Best Practices: Ensure the video supports the email’s message, use compelling thumbnails, and optimize for mobile viewing.
  • Example: In reality, any of these above-mentioned marketing video uses can be applicable to email campaigns. Holiday video greetings like this Gisteo production for Lionbridge can serve a perfect content around the Christmas season:

Video marketing fast facts for 2024

Need more data on why these explainer animation uses are relevant in today’s marketing landscape?  Check out these fast facts below!

  1. Every day, 3.1 billion individuals watch videos online.
  2. Video is utilized by 86% of marketers for promotional purposes.
  3. Live-streaming videos are employed by 73% of marketers.
  4. 54% of companies feature videos on their homepage.
  5. The most popular type of B2B video advertising for businesses is product demonstrations.
  6. The global value of influencer marketing is $13.8 billion.
  7. 54% of consumers believe that their favored brands should produce more video content.
  8. After viewing a brand’s social media videos, 64% of global customers decide to buy.
  9. As of 2023, 92% of marketers consider videos crucial to their promotional efforts.
  10. 92% of those marketing with videos report a positive return on investment.
  11. According to 86% of video marketers, videos are effective in generating potential customers.
  12. In 2023, online videos are predicted to make up 82.5% of all internet traffic, becoming the dominant form of online content.
  13. 86% of marketers utilize videos for content marketing.
  14. There’s been a 25% increase in companies adopting video marketing since 2016.
  15. 94% of marketers say that videos have enhanced customer understanding of their products or services.

Sources: WyzowlHubspotStatista

Explainer Animation Video Uses Infographic

For the visual learners out there, our tiday little infographic here gives you a bitesized look at the top 20 explainer animation video and marketing video uses:

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, explainer animation videos are more than just a marketing tool; they are a versatile and powerful medium for storytelling, education, and engagement. Through these top 20 explainer animation video uses, we’ve seen how they can simplify complex concepts, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions. Whether you’re looking to introduce a new product, train your staff, or connect with your audience on a deeper level, explainer video animations offer a creative and effective solution. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the role of video content in shaping brand narratives and customer experiences becomes increasingly significant. So, consider incorporating explainer animation videos into your strategy to give your brand the cutting-edge advantage it deserves. Remember, in the world of content marketing, a well-crafted video can be the key to unlocking new opportunities and taking your brand to the next level.

If you need a partner to develop one or more of these explainer animation videos, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs!


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