6 Benefits Of Video In Email Marketing

Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
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Trying to understand the benefits of video email marketing?  You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some compelling reasons to add video to your email marketing ASAP!

Video email marketing – why is it beneficial?

Including videos in emails adds a fun and engaging element that makes it compelling for people to take action.

By embedding videos in your emails. you can increase open rates, click-through rates, personalization, and even trust with your audience. Video email marketing is considered an effective tactic that combines email with video content to capture your target’s attention. For more information on the power of video email marketing, check out this video below from Vidyard:


As you can imagine, video emails are more costly than plain-text emails, so you need to evaluate if it’s worth it.  To help you make this decision, let’s take a look at the six main benefits of video email marketing.

Your audience is more likely to open video emails

One of the most frequent email marketing issues arises when recipients don’t open your messages. This makes sense when many businesspeople receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis.

Video email marketing is different. People prefer to open video emails rather than looking at just a bunch plain text, especially when they know that there is a video that will have something unique inside.

Research has shown that by simply including the word “video” in the email’s subject, it can boost open rates by 19% and boost click through rates by as much as 65%.

Video emails can influence the buying decisions

Even the most comprehensive text can’t provide people with the complete picture of your offering.

Explainer videos are a well-established tool to increase users’ understanding of your product or service. It’s a fact that many people would rather inform their buying decisions through videos.  According to studies, 59% of even senior-level executives prefer to watch a video than read text.

Video email marketing gives you an edge when it comes to engaging your audience. They are more likely to be receptive to the information via video, especially when your video email strategy is designed with the buyer’s journey in mind.

When you send the right video email at the right moment, it can greatly impact the customer’s decision  about your products or services. When you provide them with an explainer video or product video in their consideration stage or a testimonial video in the last step of their journey, it can enrich their decision-making process and help drive conversions.

Video emails are shareable

Shareable Content: What Is It? & Why Is It So Important? | Tucker/Hall

One of the greatest advantages you with video email marketing is its shareability.  Audiences are more likely to share videos on social media than any other content type.

It allows you to reach potential buyers than those on your mailing list as your initial audiences will be likely to share that your content like-minded contact who can also find it interesting or useful.  This can greatly increase the overall cost-effectiveness of your video email marketing campaign.

Pro Tip – sharing is easier and more effective when you add sharing button to LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media platforms.

Video turns your email into a more stimulating experience

Audiovisual content is extremely stimulating. More than one sense comes into play when you are enjoying a video.

Video, by its very nature, is much impactful as compared to text, pictures, or even GIFs. Viewers are more likely to be engaged by video in your email vs. a plain text email and as a result, it offers some exciting benefits to your business.

For starters, recipients should be more open to hear all you need to say instead of just scanning through your email body reluctantly or deleting it straight away

Moreover, video email marketing can help grow your brand’s visibility, and the probability of unsubscribing your email will decrease.  In fact, studies have shown that emails including a video can reduce your unsubscribe rate by 75%.

Video emails can take your branding to the next level

Videos, especially explainer videos, are great at streamlining and clarify complex information. Your audience is more likely to process your message, understand your offering and remember your brand with video.

A well-crafted video email can speak volumes about your brand and businesses without resorting to hard-sell pitches. Since videos are the visual medium, you can organically display your logo, brand colors, typography, and overall style…without being overly invasive.

Videos are measurable

One of the best things about video email marketing is that it is measurable. With video, this measurability goes beyond the simple metrics that you get in a typical email marketing campaign.

Most video analytics provides critical data regarding the behavior of the audiences viewing the videos. You can learn who is watching the video, how long they spend watching that video, where they drop off in the video, whether they have shared it on social media, which video is getting maximum shares, etc.

The information can also provide you with a deeper understanding of your audiences while helping you refine your strategy for future campaigns. You need to know the type of videos your audiences prefer, the production style that engages them the most, and the type of storytelling that  best resonates with them Keep in mind that not all video emails provide equal results, and if you want to gain reliable traffic, then you need to redirect your audiences to a landing page through a video thumbnail.

A couple of video email marketing tips

1. Keep the video short

If you want to convert, you’ll want to create a video that people will watch in its entirety so keep them concise.  Executives and other decision-makers have limited time. If you’re lucky enough to get them to click your email in the first place, don’t blow your opportunity with a bloated video.  60-90 second maximum is recommendable.

2. Pay attention to the platform

Some email providers support video and others don’t.  If fact, you really can’t count on a seamless video experience via email quite yet.  Until this feature becomes widespread, a better practice is to provide a thumbnail image of the video with a play symbol/icon that links to a webpage where the video is hosted.

In conclusion

Video email marketing provides reliable benefits to marketers. Videos reach a wider audience and can influence the buying decision to a greater extent by providing viewers with a more enjoyable, engaging experience.

If you need help creating a create marketing or explainer video to use in your email campaigns, contact us at Gisteo.

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