What Are Video Explainers?

Video explainers are short videos that provide a quick introduction to a topic…or, as we like to say at Gisteo, explain the “gist” of something.  Animation is a common technique utilized in video explainers due to its affordability, flexibility and relative ease in terms of production.

Since 2008, video explainers have exploded in popularity with businesses, corporations and organizations of all types and sizes producing them to help educate their target market and explain complex topics in an easily digestible way.

Thinking About Getting A Video Explainer For Your Business?

If you’re thinking about getting a video explainer for your company, you’re not alone.  Videos explainers are among the most powerful, versatile and cost-effective marketing tools you can use. According to a Vidyard study, explainer videos are now the leading type of video that businesses have invested in.

Gisteo: A Leader In Video Explainers

At Gisteo, we’ve been creating video explainers since the days when Bill Cosby was a lovable TV dad and Donald Trump was just a rich reality star.  My how things have changed since we launched back in early 2011!  As a worldwide leader in the video explainer production space, we also take pride in offering one of the best value-for-money options on the market. We’re experts are crafting informative, entertaining and inspiring messages that stick with people and drive real results for your organization.  More importantly, we’re just good dudes who are accessible and easy to work with…minus the cross-cultural awkwardness of the cheap off-shore guys or the snarky attitude of other high-priced domestic studios.

We’ll let our Gisteo Guy tell you more here below in our own video explainer about our services!

Need A Video Explainer?

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