50 Great Explainer Video Examples You’ll Love Watching (2024)

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Stephen Conley
Stephen Conley
Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising, Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale (in moderation).


In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, explainer videos have emerged as a cornerstone of effective communication. These short, engaging videos have the power to break down complex ideas into digestible, memorable content, making them an invaluable tool for brands across various industries.

As a leading explainer video production company, we know our stuff.  We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 50 great explainer video examples that we believe have set benchmarks in creativity, storytelling, and impact. This curated selection showcases the best in the field, from groundbreaking animations to compelling narratives. Each example has been chosen for its unique ability to convey messages in a manner that resonates deeply with its audience. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash, a seasoned marketer seeking inspiration, or simply a curious observer, these videos exemplify the art of blending information with entertainment.

In this blog post, we delve into what makes each of these videos stand out. We’ll explore how diverse approaches—from minimalist animations to more elaborate live-action productions—can effectively capture attention, clarify complex concepts, and leave a lasting impression on viewers. Join us on this fun little journey as we celebrate the innovation and creativity that define the best explainer video examples of recent times.

1. Gisteo

We’ll start with our own explainer video presenting Gisteo. Yep, this is an explainer video about an explainer video company and it has been a highly effective tool for us. More prospects and clients have cited this video as a key reason why they reached out to Gisteo. People like the humor, vibe and overall message of the video. It entertains while informing the viewer about what we do and what sets us apart. Although we have done more animated explainers over the years, we love live-action productions like this one and will be doing more moving forward. If you like what you see, feel free to contact us to discuss!

2. Poo-Pourri

The Poo-Pourri “Girls Don’t Poop” video is a masterclass in clever and engaging marketing. This witty and humorous ad tackles a typically taboo topic with a delightful mix of charm and cheek. Its success lies in its approach: a confident spokeswoman humorously dispels the myth that women don’t experience bathroom odors. By directly addressing a sensitive subject with lightheartedness and a touch of class, the video not only entertains but effectively highlights the practicality and necessity of the Poo-Pourri product. This innovative approach to a delicate subject makes it a standout example in the world of explainer videos.

3. Spotify

Spotify’s animated explainer video is a perfect blend of fun, simplicity, and brand essence. It’s a decade old now but it’s still one of best explainer video examples out there. It cleverly uses vibrant animations and an energetic soundtrack to showcase its digital music service. The video’s quick edits and pulsating live music keep viewers hooked, and the smart use of colors enhances its visual appeal. By focusing on animation, upbeat music, and succinct text, Spotify successfully communicates its love for music, offering a glimpse into the seamless and enjoyable user experience they provide.

4. AirBnb

Airbnb’s video from 2014 remains a timeless piece in advertising, offering viewers a unique journey through an enchanting Airbnb world. Instead of following a traditional character narrative, it invites viewers to become the main character on an imaginative Airbnb carnival ride. The use of detailed models and a dynamic camera immerses viewers completely, creating a sense of personal exploration. The video stands out with its unconventional use of live action, a soundtrack that enhances the fantastical experience, smoothly transitioning scenes, and an ultra-engaging voiceover that captivates from start to finish. This innovative approach makes the Airbnb experience not just seen, but felt.

5. Medium

In this explainer video for Medium, simplicity reigns with its straightforward animation style. It’s not about naturalistic movement; rather, the video captivates with its quirky, off-beat collage approach. The combination of an engaging voiceover and mood-matching music enhances the viewing experience, underscoring the creative design effort. What really sets this video apart is its unique epistolary storytelling, its artistic use of music, and the way it invites viewers to become part of the mission.

6. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club’s video is a must-mention in any list of iconic explainer video examples. The video, featuring CEO Michael Dubin, humorously walking through a warehouse, perfectly encapsulates the brand’s essence. Its informal tone, combined with the memorable line “our blades are f***ing great,” resonated with its audience, clearly highlighting the product’s benefits and the problems it addresses. Despite its modest budget and one-day shoot, the video went viral upon its release on March 6, 2012, crashing the DSC website and garnering 12,000 new subscribers in a day.

7. Purple

In this unique live-action explainer video, the classic fairy tale of Goldilocks gets a modern, scientific twist to showcase the quality of Purple mattresses. It transforms a well-known story into an engaging, humorous tutorial, complete with a sassy Goldilocks as the main character. The video masterfully blends the old with the new, featuring a mix of classic fairy tale elements and contemporary design, and is augmented by clever sound effects. The highlight? A comically brilliant Goldilocks, proving that sometimes, explaining a product can be as fun as it is informative.

8. Chipotle

Chipotle’s journey from the pinnacle of fast food success to facing challenges highlights the power of creative marketing. A few years back, they captivated audiences with an innovative explainer video. This mini-movie stood out with its unique claymation style, reminiscent of beloved classics like Wallace and Gromit. Adding to its charm was Willie Nelson’s rendition of Coldplay’s emotive song “The Scientist.” The video wasn’t just an advertisement; it was an inspiring narrative promoting ethical farming, showcasing Chipotle’s commitment to values beyond just serving food.

9. Lyft

Lyft’s explainer video, directed by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, masterfully combines the elements of a short film to create a stunning and impactful narrative. Embracing the power of emotional storytelling, proven by studies like the one from Ipsos to significantly influence decision-making, Lyft effectively connects with its audience on a deeper level. This approach in the video is a strategic move to engage potential customers emotionally, enhancing the appeal and message of their service.

10. Notarize

Notarize’s video successfully captivates its audience with a unique blend of comedy, signaling a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously while encouraging viewers to share the laugh with friends. More than just entertaining, the video effectively uses the classic “problem, solution, benefits” narrative, clearly and engagingly explaining their product to potential customers. This blend of humor and informative content makes the video both memorable and effective.

11. The “McSplainer”

This tongue-in-cheek Gisteo video stands out with its clever use of cynical humor to critique the use of clichéd footage and lazy, boilerplate writing in modern video marketing. Our sarcastic approach resonates with our target audience of advertising and marketing professionals. The video’s humor and boldness definitely struck a chord, leading to lots of positive comments from prospects and Gisteo clients alike.

12. Headspace

Headspace’s entrance into the meditation market was marked by a charming explainer video that made meditation approachable for newcomers. The video featured whimsical, colorful characters that not only made the brand instantly recognizable but have since become a staple in their marketing efforts.

13. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an excellent resource for both tech-savvy digital marketers and less technical small website owners. This classic explainer video example effectively demonstrates how Crazy Egg helps analyze web pages to identify reasons for lower conversion rates. The video, slightly longer than typical explainers, is comprehensive and accessible, illustrating common problems faced by small business owners and the ease of using Crazy Egg to address these issues. This informative video is a valuable tool for understanding how Crazy Egg combines various features to analyze and enhance website performance in real time.

14. 1-800-JunkPro

A talking dumpster as a host for your explainer video?  Why not!  This quirky, humorous Gisteo production pitches 1-800-JunkPro’s service in a straightforward, fun way.  We’re delighted anytime we can crack a joke talking about someone’s “junk” while helping our client’s deliver their value-proposition.

15. Insurance King

This humorous animated explainer pits our Insurance King client against the competition, embodied by a fictional company called “Wise Guys Insurance.” The voice over is awesome as well as the situational comedy utilized in this fun video that doubled as a radio spot.

16. Asana

Asana’s explainer video immediately captures attention with a startling statistic and striking visuals. The introduction of their platform transitions the tone, showcasing the simplicity and user-friendliness of their system. The video’s continuous movement is almost mesmerizing, complemented by motivational music that leaves viewers feeling inspired and ready to engage with Asana’s solutions.

17. Slack

This corporate video from Slack is a prime example of effective messaging. It highlights Slack’s company culture and key features like team channels, file sharing, and app integration in a clear, concise manner without overwhelming viewers with technicalities. The use of humor, quirky characters, and playful animations makes the video engaging and entertaining. Its colorful and fun animation style, combined with simple illustrations, ensures the message is easily understood and remembered. The storytelling aspect, focusing on relatable challenges solved by Slack, emphasizes its practical benefits over technical features, making the content more accessible to viewers.

18. DeadHappy

DeadHappy tackles the typically somber topic of life insurance with a twist in their humorous video. They cleverly include a character who voices common customer objections, making the subject approachable. This humor, combined with distinctive animation, enhances the video’s shareability, memorability, and effectiveness.

19. Amazon Go

Amazon Go’s explainer video is a prime example of using visual storytelling to illustrate a conceptual idea. It effectively demonstrates their “just walk out” shopping experience, showcasing various people shopping effortlessly. The voiceover bridges any gaps, providing essential information to viewers and highlighting the simplicity and convenience of the Amazon Go experience.

20. Dumb Ways to Die

“Dumb Ways to Die,” a highly creative and impactful safety campaign video, ingeniously uses dark humor and catchy music to convey an important message. The video features animated characters engaging in unsafe behaviors, leading to exaggerated and comical consequences. Its clever approach to a serious topic of safety resonates with a wide audience, effectively raising awareness while entertaining. This blend of humor and caution has made the video a viral sensation, significantly contributing to public safety education.

21. Dropbox

Dropbox’s corporate explainer video stands out for its effective portrayal of diversity. It showcases a range of characters from various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds seamlessly using Dropbox for collaboration. The video also subtly challenges gender norms, broadening its appeal. Its animation style ensures that under-represented viewers feel included, achieving inclusivity in a natural, unforced manner. This approach underscores the importance of representing a diverse audience in company videos to resonate with a wide range of viewers.

22. Practicus

A key strategy in company explainer videos is illustrating the problem-solution dynamic, as exemplified by Practicus, a consulting firm. Their video quickly highlights a common issue with consultants — the lack of adequate support for company change — within the first 5 seconds. Practicus differentiates itself as more than a consultant, offering honest and ethical advice as a true business partner. This approach effectively captures viewer interest, presenting a relatable problem and a standout solution, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.

23. Grammarly

This innovative “how it works” video employs a creative approach by using real-life scenarios and dialogues, set in a realistic environment. It effectively demonstrates how the company’s services seamlessly integrate into everyday life. The video also cleverly draws a parallel between sports coaching and Grammarly’s services, portraying Grammarly not just as a tool but as friendly, supportive assistance, akin to a coach in everyday communication challenges. This approach highlights Grammarly’s role in enhancing daily communication in a relatable, accessible manner.

24. Purina

Purina’s explainer video is an exemplary piece of concise and effective communication. In just 30 seconds, it articulately presents the diverse range of vitamins, minerals, and microelements in their products. The video excels in its visual presentation as well, with simple, clear imagery and smooth transitions that are visually appealing without being overwhelming. The color scheme is thoughtfully chosen, complementing the subject matter of the video and enhancing the overall viewer experience.

25. EnviroCon

This humorous Gisteo explainer video promotes a Texas-based pest-control service with clever storytelling and fun animations. The client liked this one so much he decided to do two!

26. Gisteo (original launch video)

This is where it all started for Gisteo. Long before our live-action production (listed at the top of this page) was created, there was our original launch video from way back in 2011. Sure, it seems super basic and some of the references are outdated, but our quirky “Gisteo Guy” was a huge factor in our initial success back then.  People liked the humor, clear presentation of what we were offering, the explanation of our name (a mash up of “gist” and “video”) and the overall vibe given off by our little dude. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

27. Synthesia

Synthesia’s explainer video effectively showcases its virtual video production studio features and uses through a storytelling approach. The video introduces a character named Alan, who requires quick video-making assistance. It follows Alan’s journey from start to finish, highlighting Synthesia’s tools and functionalities in a relatable, chronological narrative. This storytelling method efficiently demonstrates the practical application of Synthesia’s various tools, making it easy for viewers to understand and appreciate the platform’s capabilities.

28. TED-ED

The TED-Ed explainer video exemplifies effective long-form storytelling, particularly suited for complex topics like cognitive decline and hallucinations, which can’t be adequately covered in short 30 or 60-second formats. Contrary to typical marketing advice advocating for quick problem-solution presentations, this video demonstrates the value of a longer format for intricate subjects. Despite its 5-minute length, the animators skillfully engage the audience within the first 15 seconds, proving that longer explainer videos can be captivating and informative for complex topics.

29. Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s editorial explainer video delves into McDonald’s history, highlighting its technological advancements. The video employs vivid, contrasting colors to capture viewers’ attention, maintained by dynamic, flowing animations of icons. This approach effectively engages the audience while narrating McDonald’s evolution.

30. Tech Insider

Tech Insider’s explainer video proves that sometimes the essence of a great explainer is simply addressing a quirky question in an engaging way. While the animations add a fun element and convey intriguing information, complete with an effective use of the “Twilight Zone” font, the video’s core strength lies in its captivating presentation. It keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end, often prompting them to pause and explore topics like the “dumbo octopus” further. This video exemplifies the fundamental principle of explainer videos: to be fascinating and informative above everything else.

31. Match.com

Match.com’s live-action explainer video, a creation of Ryan Reynold’s humorously inventive marketing company, stands out as a clever and unconventional approach to dating site advertising. This tongue-in-cheek, out-of-the-box masterpiece captivates viewers with humor, ensuring they stay engaged and entertained throughout. It’s an effective and memorable way to market a dating platform, proving that humor can be a powerful tool in attracting and retaining viewer attention.

32. Visa

This video immediately establishes a strong brand identity with its distinctive yellow and blue color scheme. It utilizes animation effectively to simplify and explain a complex topic in less than a minute. The video achieves this through well-crafted characters, engaging scenery, and a compelling storyline, making the information both accessible and memorable.

33. Eggplant

Eggplant shines as an AI-driven software testing platform, notable for its swift and comprehensive automation features. This Gisteo production efficiently showcases the entire spectrum of Eggplant’s functionalities in a brisk, yet detailed explainer video.The video smartly tackles a prevalent challenge in software development: the setbacks due to ineffective software testing. This context paves the way for positioning Eggplant as the optimal solution. Highlighting Eggplant’s elaborate and technical testing process, from the planning stages to deployment, the video captures the essence of the platform. It employs dynamic visuals that mirror the speed and efficiency of Eggplant, adding an engaging and energetic touch that keeps the audience engaged.

34. ProQuest

The ProQuest Platform stands as a comprehensive hub, offering a diverse range of content including journals, dissertations, books, and much more.Recognizing the dynamic nature of research, the organization showcased its forward-thinking platform through a captivating explainer video.  The video emphasizes ProQuest’s capacity to adapt and grow in an ever-evolving landscape. Adopting a futuristic motif, the presentation conjures up imagery reminiscent of “Blade Runner 2049,” set against the backdrop of a dystopian cityscape. It places the viewer in the shoes of the main character, navigating this world in a sophisticated vehicle.

35. Indeed

Indeed’s explainer video could easily be mistaken for a high-quality computer-animated film, thanks to its impressive detail. Yet, when the narration begins, it swiftly guides you through the benefits and features of Indeed’s resume skills tips. The creators have skillfully blended a touch of nostalgia with contemporary flair. The video’s style is reminiscent of classic stop-motion animation, yet it incorporates modern elements typical of today’s computer animations. The outcome is a captivating animation that narrates Indeed’s story in an appealing way, without overwhelming the viewer. The graphics are so engaging that they draw the viewer in, encouraging them to watch the entire video and fully grasp Indeed’s intended message.

36. Slogan Stud

Admitted, this was a claymation test project for us here at Gisteo but it’s a lot of fun and we think it deserves a place on this list of explainer video examples.  Drawing inspiration from ad campaign by Dos Equis, this short little video featuring a slogan-writing horse, is good for a laugh– especially if you’re a fan of the “The Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.

37. Zarmoney

This explainer video stands out by focusing on the company’s origin story, providing viewers with a clear understanding of why the company was founded. This storytelling approach effectively communicates the company’s services and the specific problems they aim to solve, making the information both relatable and informative for the audience.

38. WestJet

The WestJet flight safety video stands out as a prime example of how explainer videos can be both informative and captivating. Typically, flight safety videos don’t hold much appeal. So, how do you transform this? By injecting fun elements, introducing a delightful character, crafting an engaging storyline, and adding a dash of magic. This approach results in a flight safety explainer video that not only captures the attention of passengers but also keeps them engaged. The snippet showcased here is just a part of the full video, but it strongly supports the idea that even the most mundane topics don’t have to be dull. It’s all about reimagining familiar concepts in a new, creative way. This video exemplifies how top-tier brand explainer videos can be produced, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

39. Squatty Potty

In the viral video for Squatty Potty, a whimsical unicorn and a prince creatively demonstrate proper toilet posture, with the unicorn producing rainbow-colored ice cream. This playful metaphor effectively addresses the sensitive topic of bowel movements. The blend of humor and fantasy makes the content engaging and memorable, encouraging social media shares. This approach transforms a potentially mundane or embarrassing product, like a constipation aid, into a widely recognized and openly discussed item. And, yes, this indeed is a real product!

40. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s explainer video was a game-changer for those less tech-oriented. It effectively breaks down Crazy Egg’s innovative heat map tool, showcasing the product in a user-friendly manner. This approach makes it easy for anyone, regardless of tech expertise, to grasp its functionality. The video also smartly incorporates subtle calls-to-action within its two-minute duration, making it a stellar explainer video example even a decade after it first debuted.

41. Skin of Steel

Skin of Steel is a not-for-profit organization striving to fund the first national, collaborative Melanoma Tissue Bank, which will give researchers across the country access to the fresh-frozen primary tissues they need to enhance melanoma treatment and eventually find a cure. This Gisteo kinetic typography production communicates Skin of Steel’s vision with beautiful music and imagery- no voice over. It’s filled with facts and, more importantly, filled with hope.

42. Give to Colombia

Give To Colombia is a non-profit organization that facilitates the channeling of resources towards high-impact social projects in Colombia. This mixed media video communicates Give To Colombia’s brand “manifesto.” At Gisteo, we put some serious emotion and passion into this production…and we think it shows.

43. Hubspot

Artificial intelligence represents the future, yet its true essence is understood by only a handful. HubSpot’s explainer video skillfully portrays a world where AI and human collaboration simplifies life. Through engaging animations, it vividly showcases the potential and optimistic future that AI brings, making the concept accessible and exciting.

44. PayPal

PayPal’s explainer video adopts a unique and engaging approach by using musical comedy to demonstrate how their app brightens payday. Recognizing the importance of time efficiency for its users, PayPal concisely illustrates in this brief video how simple and quick it is to conduct financial transactions using their service.

45. Boy Scouts of America

Hard to believe it has been over a decade since we produced this one for the Boy Scouts. The Scouts have faced some well-chronicled challenges as an organization, but they still do a lot of good for young kids– teaching them important life skills. This simple, fun Gisteo production makes the case for why parents should encourage their kids to be a scout and stick with it, especially when other activities like youth sports start to compete.

46. Sisense

Creating an impactful and visually appealing data dashboard for your business can be challenging. This explainer video for Sisense showcases the software’s sophisticated features. In this video, Sisense demonstrates how to effectively handle business data using a blend of analytics, music, and compelling visuals.

47. KeyCard

This explainer video for KeyCard stands out with its rich illustrations and smooth 2D animations, immediately engaging the viewer upon play. For those keen on safeguarding their funds online, the video is a concise and clear representation of the e-commerce platform’s capabilities. Without any superfluous content, the one-minute and thirty-second video gets straight to the point, demonstrating the platform’s features effectively.

48. StackPulse

Right from the start, eye-catching isometric illustrations engage viewers in this explainer video for StackPulse. The video, a little over two minutes long, skillfully combines traditional storytelling with cutting-edge technological visuals that resonate with the brand. Crisp 2D animations paired with impeccable graphics serve as a powerful marketing tool to convey the company’s message and educate the audience about its objectives from the outset.

49. Skull Shaver

This hilarious explainer for Skull Shaver doubled as a Super Bowl TV commercial (cut down version).  The campaign led to a tripling of international wholesale orders, garnered over 100 million views within three months, and achieved a 40% reduction in social media advertising expenses. Check out the full production here.

50. PowerBlox

At Gisteo, it’s a privilege to be able to work with so many great entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and technologies. We’ll end our list of great explainer video examples we did for PowerBlox, a Swiss company that has developed portable cubes that generate and store energy. The cubes can then be connected like Legos to build a self-sustaining power grid, even in remote locations. Cool product, cool video.


As we wrap up our visual journey through these 50 great explainer video examples, it’s evident how powerful a well-crafted video can be in conveying your message. Each example illustrates the art of blending information with entertainment—showcasing that the best explainer videos are not just seen; they are felt and remembered.

If you’re inspired to give your audience a similar memorable experience, then it’s time to take action. At Gisteo, we specialize in turning complex concepts into engaging, easy-to-digest content that not only explains but also excites. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, educate your audience, or launch a new product, Gisteo has the expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact us today if you’d live to discuss how we can help you cut through the clutter and better connect with your audience.


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