4 Easy Steps: Learn How To Write A Corporate Video Script

Estelle Liotard
Estelle Liotard
Estelle is an editor and content marketing expert for ten years. After many years of work, she managed to develop a unique academic writing style that helped businesses from different industries improve their marketing campaigns. Writing is not her job, it is also her passion. She believes that is the main reason why she has become a successful content marketer

Advanced technology has made the way how businesses function more comfortable. Businesses can now promote their products and services through different marketing channels. However, every business owner should know that the same opportunity is available to everyone. That is the reason why they need to use the benefits of online technology appropriately.

Businesses can use different types of content as an advertising tool. The first option they have is the text-based  content. However, before creating an effective content strategy, people should keep certain things in mind. They should define their target audience, determine the right tone, etc.

The next option available is video content. Of course, not every video that businesses publish on social media or streaming platforms will be effective. They need to pick an appropriate type of video marketing to boost their sales. For instance, brand videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, promo video etc.

Another thing businesses should keep mind is the way they will reach their target audience with their video content. One way to do that is by uploading the video content on their social media accounts, website, etc. Another way to reach more people is by collaborating with influencers. These individuals already interact with their target audience. That is the reason why many eCommerce businesses, for instance, will choose this alternative. They will research all the options, pick the right concept for the video, etc.

Corporate Video Script Writing: 4 Easy Steps In Producing Effective Videos

Producing an effective corporate video is a challenging process. Videos that bring results require a long preparation process. That is the reason why writing a corporate video script is an essential move for all business owners.

Unfortunately, not many business owners know how to do that properly. This is why we would like to analyze the science behind flawless video script writing. There are a few tips people should keep in mind in order to reach their goal.

Let’s explore them out together!

Step 1: Before Everything – Write the Brief for the Video

Every success requires good planning and preparation. The same applies when we talk about video scripts. People need to provide answers to a couple of questions before writing the brief.

First of all, they need to define the purpose of the video. For instance, does the video need to convince people to share it, visit a website, or purchase a product?

After that, people need to determine who their target audience is. This is one of the common marketing mistakes business owners make. They try to make a video for everyone. However, they should not forget that only a specific group of people needs their product. That group has similar interests, concerns, and expectations. Because of this, th the brief needs to be focused on your ideal customers or prospects.

There is a good reason why answering all these questions is essential. Without these answers, companies won’t manage to produce a corporate video that will add value to the lives of their customers. The video quite simply won’t be effective. This is why the next step is equally important.

Step 2: Message Needs to Become a Story

After creating the brief and determining the core messages, the next step is to develop a story based on those messages. It is not just about delivering what the audience wants to see. Instead, business owners should focus more on finding the best way to share the message.

It is important to experiment with things here. All people are looking for is a simple video that will solve a problem that they have. For instance, the video can start by explaining the common problem that people have. In that way,  businesses can show that they understand the issues their target audience is experiencing. At the same time, the video should end with the solution to the problem they have.

One of the simplest forms of videos that can outline the entire business or specific product is an explainer video. However, creative entrepreneurs will make an additional step. They will animation in an explainer video as a way to make it more entertaining and engaging. These videos often contain unique animations and illustrations that people will easily remember. This is one of the best ways to become recognizable and improve a company’s brand awareness. When Airbnb rebranded some years back, they created a memorable animated video to communicate the thinking behind their new logo.

Step 3: Determine the Appropriate Tone and Language

Companies typically use different tones that will produce results. One of the tones needs to be inspiring for all the team members. For instance, they use that tone for writing an appropriate team vision statement. The tone needs to clearly explain all the goals of the company and make them motivational and memorable. However, using that tone for a video marketing campaign might not be the best option.

In the video script, business owners should highlight a tone that will be compatible with the one that relates to their target audience. There is no firm rule which tone and language are the most effective. However, using a friendly,  conversational and even humorous tone can help your video feel more natural.

There are a few more things people should have in mind. First of all, the videos should not be overly salesy. As we said, it needs to have a story that will convince the target audience to take some action. Despite that, businesses should invest enough the time and energy to sound human. That means avoiding buzzwords, jargon, and confusing terms.

Unfortunately, not all business owners manage to do that properly. Steven Green, the scriptwriter, and editor at GetGoodGrade said – “Entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable writing scripts in a friendly tone. They would rather decide to sound more professional and try to keep the reputation of the business in that way. However, the results they get are usually not the ones they wanted.”

Here’s a quick example of striking the right tone, underscoring how humor can go a long way when creating business videos. This Houston-based pest control company could have gone with a buttoned up, corporate type video featuring the owner extolling the many virtues of his service. But fortunately they hired us at Gisteo and went with our very different, infinitely more entertaining, approach below.

Step 4: Words Are Not Going to Be Enough

Adding only text-based content in the video script is not going to be enough. Business owners need to have in mind that they are not writing a novel. They are making a video that will potentially help them boost their effectiveness.

Of course, dialogue is one of the ways to make the video engaging. However, there are also different tools like music, sound effects, and motion graphics that will make the video more entertaining. For instance, it would be essential to write down if there are any accompanying voices over some parts of the video. Despite that, it is essential to write down which soundtracks and sound effects will be appropriate for the videos. They should somehow be matchable with the storyline of the video material.

At the End – Check Everything Once Again

After addressing these four steps, entrepreneurs should re-read the entire video script once again. There are, once again, a couple of questions they should ask themselves.

For example, they should check if the length of the video is appropriate. Despite that, they should determine precisely if the storyline of the video is engaging enough. Finally, they once again need to consider the style and tone of the target audience. In that way, they will define whether the video has a logical flow and appropriate language or not.

In Conclusion

These five tips will help people write flawless corporate video scripts. Video content is an excellent way to promote products or services while interacting with your target audience. The purpose of a video is not only to boost sales, but  also improve brand awareness of the people. If you apply all five of these tips, you will be one step closer to accomplishing your goal!

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